Importing Products Into Delivrd

Note: For up-to-date guides on using Delivrd, please refer to official Delivrd documentation.

This how-to guide will explain how you can import new products into Delivrd, the free online inventory management and order fulfillment solution.

When you first start using Delivrd, before you can start processing orders (inbound and outbound),¬† you first need create new products. You can create new products manually, but if you have many products, it’s a lot easier to import products from a text file.

Also, you might already have all your products data available in another system (perhaps your shopping cart app has some product information). You might be able to export your product data from that application and then import it into Delivrd.

In order to import product data, you need to create a CSV file with all product information. Each product will have its information in a separate line in the CSV file.

Here’s how the data in the file might look like:


Structure of the import file

The import file must have the structure explained below. If the structure is not exactly as explained here, Delivrd will not be able to create the products correctly.

File structure:

Line no.1 – this is a header line, meaning – it does not contain any product data, but rather the name of each field in the import file. This line is not imported into Delivrd, and its purpose is to make it easier to understand the content of the imported data.

As in any CSV file, each field must be separated by a comma (,) sign

Lines no. 2,3,4 etc. – these are the lines which contain the actual product data. Each line must have all data fields(currently, a total of 21 fields). Some fields can be empty, while other fields are mandatory and must contain a valid value.

Here’s a table that describes the fields that should be in the import file, and some of their characteristics.

Product Import File Strcuture


[table id=1 /]

Download Sample Product File

The best way to understand how a products import file should look like, is to just click the link below – sample file will be downloaded. You can use it as a template to create your own products import file.

Products Import File

Video demo – importing products from CSV file into Delivrd