We Are In Beta! Help Us Make Delivrd Better

Update Nov. 22nd, 2016 – We are out of Beta!

To subscribe to Delivrd, read this.

Delivrd is a free online inventory management and order fulfillment solution, and will always remain free, with no limits on orders, products or functionality! Delivrd was built by online sellers for the online sellers community.

If you would like to help make Delivrd better, please consider taking part in our Beta program.

What does that mean? We will provide you with access to the Delivrd online application, and we ask you to use it as much as possible for your inventory management and order fulfillment processes, and provides us with any feedback you might have: things that don’t work (called ‘Bugs’), improvement to the user interface or features you find useless or missing. Any feedback is helpful!

Since we are in Beta, some functionality might not work as expected, please bear that in mind.

We also ask you to spread the word and let other online sellers know about Delivrd and help us with the Beta program.

If you want to join the Beta program, join our mailing list to get detailed instructions on how to start using Delivrd, and all the latest news. You can also provide us with your details using the contact form and we will get back to you with instruction on joining the Beta program.

As you test Delivrd and gather your feedback, read how you can provide us with that feedback.

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  1. Terry

    Signed up but havent recieved access to the beta.
    Please resend the beta details.

    • Delivrd

      Terry – I’ve sent Beta details through the newsletter.

  2. Stan

    I’d like to join your Beta…please send me details.

    • Delivrd

      Hello Stan,
      Beta details were sent through the newsletter sent to the mailing list. Let me know if you need further details.

  3. Muzaffar Siddiqui

    I’d like to join your Beta…please send me details.

  4. Dean

    Subscribed but have not seen any instructions as to how to join the beta. Please send instructions. Thanks

    • Delivrd

      Hello Dean,
      An email with beta login details have been sent to you.

  5. misha

    Subscribed. Can you please send me directions re: how to log into the beta? Also, will you charge for this software once beta is complete? Thanks

    • Delivrd

      Hello Misha,
      An email was sent with Beta registration details.
      Regarding charging for Delivrd when we come out of Beta – the answer is NO, we will not charge our users anything, Delivrd will remain completely free.

  6. Mohammed

    Hi I registered for the newsletter but have not received any email to the BETA please advise


    • dlvadm

      Hello Mohammed,
      You have received an email from our mailing list with Beta program details.


  7. apack

    I signed up and received confirmation, but no link to download or instructions yet.

    • delivrd

      We have noticed that an email with login instructions to Delivrd Beta have been sent to you.
      Let us know if you need further help.

      Delivrd team

  8. Aslam Latif

    I’d like to join this programme. I did ask to join sometime ago but lacked knoweledge at that time. I’ve been studying these applications since and would probably be in a better position to use it now. Please send a link to join. Principally I want to integrate my amazon and ebay in order to control inventories, and, I need to print shipping labels at one place

  9. Bhavesh Gajwani

    hello !!
    i have already subscribed to Beta. But unfortunately cannot find the download link of this software please help.

    • Anastasiia Myronets

      Hello! Delivrd is web based, so you don’t need to download anything. Just log in with your account, which you created during the registration, here http://app.nanodc.net/login, and then you can use the software in your browser.

  10. Rulon Rock

    Subscribed, Could I get the email? thx.

    • dlvadm

      Hello Rulan,
      I saw that you have registered to our mailing list. An email was sent to you with registration details.
      If you were still not able to register to Delivrd, let us know.

  11. Andre van Beijnum

    Subscribed to newsletter, would like to recieve login details

    • Anastasiia Myronets

      Hi Andre,

      You should have received an email with registration details.
      If you are still not able to register, please let us know.

  12. Tiken

    Hi, subscribed already. Still waiting for the registration details. Thank you.

    • Tiken

      got the registration detail thank you!

  13. toto

    Signed up but havent recieved access to the beta.
    Please resend the beta details.

    • Anastasiia Myronets

      Hi! Have you received a registration confirmation email? Probably you may find it in the spam folder, please check it.

  14. Edward

    confirmation email

    • Anastasiia Myronets

      Hi Edward! Could you please be more specific? Do you have problems with confirmation email?

  15. ishaq

    hello i need to check your software for my small chamber industry system

  16. Eimear

    Hi I registered and tried to login but it says “Invalid e-mail / password combination. Please try again” can you tell me what i’ve done wrong?

    • Anastasiia Myronets

      Hi Eimear,

      In the confirmation email that you received, you should have clicked a link to approve your registration and activate your account. Probably you cannot log in because you didn’t click this link. Please contact us if you still cannot log in.

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