Importing Products Into Delivrd – The Simple Way

Note: For up-to-date guides on using Delivrd, please refer to official Delivrd documentation.

We want to make Delivrd as simple to use as possible for those looking for a basic inventory management solution, so we have simplified the way products are imported into Delivrd.

If you need to, you can still import extended product data. But if you want to start easy and simple, with the minimal product data required by Delivrd, you can upload a basic products file with a minimal set of data fields:

1. Name – product name, up to 30 characters

2. Long Description – Product long description, up to 255 characters

3. Product Category – Select the proper category from the category list (you can view the list in the Products List page

4. SKU – That needs to be a unique number identifying the product

5. Value – The value of a product. This can be the purchase price, the sales price, an estimated value.

6. ImageURL – A URL of an image of the product. We believe that having an image of a product throughout the different process will improve overall inventory accuracy.

Each line should begin with a line number, first line – line number 0 , then 1, then 2 etc. See the samples below.

For Delivrd to understand you are uploading a basic products file as described in this guide (as opposed to the larger product data file), the file must be named: productinv.csv

Here’s a sample of how a few lines of the file might look like:

1,”Digital LCD Kitchen Buzzer”,”Ultrathin Credit Card Sized Digital LCD Kitchen Buzzer Timer with Magnetic Mount”,”Business & Industrial”,1831114,5,
2,”Desktop Thermometer”,”A2260 Desktop Thermometer Hygrometulticolored”,”Business & Industrial”,3ds111f8,10,
3,”Triathlon cycling shoes”,”Shimano SHR60 tri shoes white size 43″,Sporting Goods,43111sdf30,2,

Download Product Data File Sample

Video Tutorial – Importing Basic Product Data To Delivrd