Replacing Excel Inventory Management with Delivrd

Note: For up-to-date guides on using Delivrd, please refer to official Delivrd documentation.

Delivrd is a flexible inventory management and order fulfillment solution, as it can support several use cases – from basic inventory management, to complex eCommerce order fulfillment processes, with support for serial numbers, profit and loss analysis, through usage of barcode technologies.

In its most basic form, Delivrd can be a great replacement for your current Excel inventory management solution.

The advantages Delivrd has over Excel inventory management are clear:

1. Delivrd is free! there are no limits on how you use Delivrd, and it costs you nothing.

2. Delivrd is on the cloud – you can access it from anywhere, anytime. You do not risk having copies of copies of copies of Excel spreadsheets you opened on different computers, making it impossible to know your real inventory situation.

3. You can scale – you can easily start using Delivrd’s for very basic inventory management . Once you are comfortable with Delivrd and have everything up and runing, you can grow with Delvird’s other powerful features – purchase and sales order management, bar code scanning for enhanced accuracy, serial number management, packaging material management, powerful pick-pack-ship, profit and loss analysis and many more features.

Using Delivrd to replace Excel for inventory management

1. Register to Delivrd – it’s free! (we are in Beta)


2. Once logged in, either create your products manually, or use our basic products import tool to import all of your products.

3. Use the inventory count feature to update the inventory levels of the different products. You can add a comment to each count that will describe what caused the inventory count to take place

Screenshot – to count a product, go to the Inventory page, click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘count’ from drop down list.

Count product

In the example below, we perform 2 counts – an initial inventory count to update current inventory situation (15 pieces in this case)

Initial inventory count

We later sell 2 pieces, so we update inventory to 13, and add a remark about the sale we made.

Selling 2 pieces

You can Delivrd’s transaction history to see the inventory situation over time, including the comments entered for each inventory count.

Inventory vector

Your inventory is now managed in Delivrd, and every time products are received (from a supplier, or from a certain warehouse) or issued (sold, or just issued to any other purpose), you can use Delivrd’s inventory count feature to update your inventory levels for simple, accurate inventory management.

You can continue using Delivrd for basic inventory management just as explained here. If you need more robust inventory management process, you can implement replenishment orders for receiving products to stock, and use customer orders to manage stock issuing.