Delivrd Inventory & Fulfillment Networks Are Here!

We are very pleased to announce that next Monday (March 12th,2018) we will be releasing a major upgrade to Delivrd.

From the many changes included in the upgrade, we are most excited about Delivrd Networking.

We understand that managing inventory is not a stand alone process, and there are many parties involved.

Some of these parties are internal, such as your warehouse staff, your procurement specialists or your sales representatives, but some are external, such as suppliers, customers, or 3rd party fulfillment companies.

Each partner is involved in a different aspect of your inventory & order fulfillment processes: some manage inventory in a specific inventory location, some create sales orders while others fulfill them. Your relationships with external partners (such as suppliers or customers) might stipulate that you allow them to view inventory of specific products in specific inventory locations.

With Delivrd Networks, you can build your partners inventory & fulfillment networks, and invite those partners to participate in your activities within Delivrd, based on access you will provide them.

For now, you can provide your invited users read or edit access to inventory and sales orders, limited by products & inventory location. In the next few weeks, we will add access to other modules, such as purchasing, serial numbers and shipments.

Here’s an example of what you can do with Delivrd Networks:

Other than the new networking functionality, we made some UI changes to several processes, such as in sales & purchase orders creation.

We will provide more details in the next few days. To stay tuned, follow us on Twitter.