Managing Inventory Of Equipment in Multiple Sites by Multiple Users

If you need to manage inventory of any type of equipment in several different sites, managed by different people, look no further. Delivrd has your requirements covered!

The process

You manage inventory in different sites. These sites might be your customers’ offices, a construction site, or a remote warehouse or storage. The equipment you manage is usually stored in a central warehouse, and dispatched to the remote site based on your customer’s requirements. Sometimes this equipment is returned after a certain period of time to the central warehouse, and might be dispatched later to the same site, or to a different site.

Some of the equipment (usually, the more expansive equipment) might be managed by serial numbers, which allows you to trace each piece of equipment.

Some of the types of businesses which are relevant for this process are:

  • IT companies, managing IT equipment (for example, networking equipment, servers, spare hard drives etc.) in different customers sites
  • Construction / renovation companies, who manage inventory of equipment in different construction / renovation sites
  • Event producers – companies that produce different types of events: conferences, parties, corporate events, weddings etc.
  • Solar project companies –  installing solar panels and all relevant components on different customers sites. These companies need to track which equipment is installed at which customer’s site.


Managing equipment in multiple sites in Delivrd

The examples below will walk you through setting up Delivrd to manage IT equipment in multiple sites. The process is identical for any other business managing equipment in multiple sites, regardless of equipment type.

The first step is to get your products, inventory and serials uploaded into Delivrd.


Once your products, inventory & serials are updated in Delivrd, you should start reflecting all real-world inventory changes in Delivrd:

  • Create purchase orders and receive their inventory into Delivrd when you buy new equipment from your suppliers. The inventory might be received to your central warehouse, or directly to a remote site. You can set the inventory location in your purchase order according to where your inventory will be physically received:
  • When inventory is transferred from your central warehouse to a remote site, returned from a remote site, or transferred between sites, use Delivrd inventory Transfer transaction:
  • As time goes by, equipment gets lost or is scrapped. In order to know what you really have in stock, make sure you perform periodic inventory counts, in your central warehouse & in your remote sites

In the end, you use Delivrd inventory management to be able to answer a few very important questions, such as ‘Which equipment is located right now in site ABC’ , or ‘Where is equipment with serial number 7746635283’ , or ‘Where can I find equipment with SKU 556677’.

You will find the answers in Delivrd’s inventory list and in transaction history.

Inventory List

In inventory list, you can view stock quantities of a particular products, a group of products (with a common category), or by inventory location. You can also search for products by serial number.


Inventory management by multiple users

It would made sense for you, as being in charge of inventory management, to delegate inventory management responsibilities to other parties, who are physically on site and can do the actual receiving/ transfer of inventory into their respective sites.

With Delivrd Inventory Networks, you can invite other users to manage inventory within your Delivrd account. You can limit their access to a updating inventory in specific inventory location and even to specific products.