ATP (Available to Promise) Report in Delivrd

The ATP (Available to Promise) report in Delivrd is a great way to forecast any possible shortages of stock and take appropriate action.
The ATP report relies on a demand forecast, on future purchase order, and on stock on hand. It is useful both as a tool to prevent future stock shortage, as well as future spend analysis tool.
Here’s how ATP works:

  1. For each product, the system shows the next 12 months starting from the current month.
  2. Delivrd fetches the number of open future receipts for the month. Please note that to display receipts in the ATP report, you need to specify the delivery date either in the purchase order header or lines. The date in the lines is more important, so if both header and line date exist, the system considers only the line date. Except specifying the dates, you also need to release the order.
  3. You enter the demand that you expect for this month.
  4. The system calculates the ATP automatically according to this formula: last month ATP + current month receipts – current month demand.

It is possible to update the sales forecast either in a product, in which case the demand will be the same for every month, or by uploading demand data by month, with forecast data for each month.