What is Delivrd?

Delivrd inventory management software is a free cloud solution designed to cover the inventory management and order fulfillment of everyone –  online retailers, from small eBay or Shopify sellers, to large E-commerce site operators, to anyone who keeps inventory of products.  Delivrd covers every single detail of the order fulfillment process,  for a fast and hassle-free experience, from sourcing products, to inventory management, to picking, packing and shipping.

With its unique features, Delivrd will make accessible to you the best practices of logistics processes used by large distribution companies, and will offer flexible solutions, tailored for your specific needs.

Delivrd can be used in many ways – from very simple inventory management as a replacement to Excel, to selling directly to customer, through more complex end-to-end fulfillment process.

In time, the accuracy and productiveness features provided by Delivrd will translate into fewer hours of manual labor, reduced costly customer returns and a lower percentage of dissatisfied customers.

Delivrd will guide you through every step of the order fulfillment process, starting from sourcing your products, inventory management processes, order data validation and continuing with picking, packing and shipping.

The packaging material management is just one of the features that make Delivrd a one-stop-shop packing and shipping software, by overseeing the stocks of packing materials and offering a clear view of the packing inventory, obliteration the chance of a sudden shortage of packing materials.

Delivrd makes extensive use of barcode labels, making the shipping process fast and practically error free. To further increase the accuracy of the shipping process, our software also includes a free address validation feature based on Google Maps.

Delivrd also supports the entire order fulfillment process – from sourcing to shipping. Thus, you will have a clear view regarding which products are more profitable, by holding a full grasp of the order fulfillment process, where a profit and loss analysis can be easily available

In the end, Delivrd can be exactly what you are looking for: a complete, inexpensive and easy to use order fulfillment and inventory management solution that will help you pick, pack and ship at a whole new level, saving time and money.