Inventory Export: New Options

In Delivrd, you can now export your inventory list to a CSV file with a wide variety of custom options. After you click Inventory – Export, a window with the following settings will appear: Export total stock: Display the inventory quantity in all locations in the export file. Hide zero or negative stock: Export only Keep Reading ..

Inventory transaction history

Transaction History: Filtering by Date

If you have many transactions and want to locate a specific one in transaction history, there’s no need to scroll the history for hours. Now Delivrd makes it possible to filter the transaction history by date. This function is available both for all products and for each single product. To view transaction history for all Keep Reading ..

ATP (Available to Promise) Report in Delivrd

The ATP (Available to Promise) report in Delivrd is a great way to forecast any possible shortages of stock and take appropriate action. The ATP report relies on a demand forecast, on future purchase order, and on stock on hand. It is useful both as a tool to prevent future stock shortage, as well as Keep Reading ..

Know the Total Value of Your Inventory with Stock Valuation Report in Delivrd

Sometimes it’s hard to calculate the total value of your stock because of intensive inventory transactions. Delivrd inventory management software and its Stock Valuation Report feature give you an insight into your total inventory value with just a couple of clicks. Here’s how it works: In the navigation bar, click Products & Inventory > Inventory Keep Reading ..

Inventory Email Alerts in Delivrd

Delivrd inventory management software now has a feature of sending emails with inventory alerts. To set up this feature, go to Settings and make one of the following choices in the Inventory Alert drop-down list: Don’t send any alerts: This is a default option that does not allow to send the inventory alerts. Send only Keep Reading ..

Assigning Products to Suppliers in Delivrd

To assign products to suppliers in Delivrd inventory management software, do the following: In the navigation bar on the left, click either Products & Inventory > Products or Partners > Suppliers. In the upper-right corner of the Products List or Suppliers page, click Actions > Products – Supplier Assignment. In the upper-right corner of the Keep Reading ..

Third-Party Fulfillment Services in e-Commerce: Pros and Cons

If you’re just starting off with your own e-commerce business, then you’re most likely to choose either the drop shipping or self-management retail fulfillment method. But if your business is growing quickly, it would be better to hire a third-party logistics company that will manage your inventory and warehousing processes. First of all, here are Keep Reading ..

Drop Shipping in e-Commerce: Pros and Cons

Recently we’ve discussed the retail order fulfillment methods, which help to manage the product storage and distribution processes in e-commerce. Now we’re going to explain each of these methods in a series of articles. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of drop shipping. So how drop shipping works? Unlike traditional retail models, Keep Reading ..

Product Storage and Distribution in e-Commerce: Overview

According to latest statistics, e-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, and it means that there’s a constant need to optimize the product storage and distribution processes. Currently, there are several retail fulfillment methods, which help to manage these processes in e-commerce: Drop shipping. This method significantly shortens the journey of a product from a warehouse or Keep Reading ..

Fast Inventory Transactions in Delivrd

With Delivrd inventory management software, you can quickly update inventory for a specific product. To do it, open the Inventory List page under Products & Inventory and scan the barcode of the product on this page. If you don’t have a barcode scanner, you can manually enter the SKU, EAN, or UPC of the product Keep Reading ..