Beginners User Guide for Importing Product Data into Delivrd

Beginners User Guide for Importing Product Data into Delivrd After signing up to use Delivrd inventory management software you will need to import your products into the system. This can be done by importing a CSV type file into the product database. In order to import items into the Delivrd system you need to prepare Keep Reading ..

Releasing Multiple Sales Orders in Delivrd

Releasing Multiple Sales Orders at the Same Time You can now release multiple sales orders, from your inventory,  at one time via the green Actions button in the top right corner of the Sales Order page. In order to use this feature you need to select the orders you want to release by ticking the Keep Reading ..

Delivrd Dashboard Layout

There is now a new Dashboard look which gives you more important information in one glance so you can manager you inventory better and more efficiently. Sales Orders to Fulfill – These are orders that have been set to a Released status but still needs to be fulfilled for the customer. Shipments Awaiting Pick-Up: The Keep Reading ..

Warehouse Bin Management

With Delivrd you can now manage Bins. Bins are the location in which your products are stored so that can be picked by your fulfillment individuals and control your inventory location. This option can be found be going to: Partners –> Bins The Bins page looks like this: Adding a new Bin To add a new Bin simply select Keep Reading ..

Delivrd: Inventory Management

Inventory Alerts and Stock Monitor

Knowing when your product stock is running low is an key part of inventory management. In Delivrd is now possible to view only the items that are below their Reorder or Safety Stock levels. In the Dashboard page you can see the Inventory Alerts box. The number shown there represents the items that have reached their Keep Reading ..