Sales and Purchase Order Paid Status

Currently in Delivrd, when order processing is completed (issue of product in sales order or receiving of products in purchase order), status of order is marked as Completed. Once processing is done, the next step in the order life cycle is payment – either paying a supplier or getting paid by your customer. We have Keep Reading ..

Upload Product Images, Filter Products, Mass Product Delete & More

At Delivrd, it is our goal to provide the best inventory & order management solution for small-medium businesses, so they can focus on what matters – their customers, and not on endless Spreadsheet maintenance. As part of these efforts, we always listen to what you have to say. We are happy to let you know Keep Reading ..

Barcode Scanning

If you are serious about inventory management and order fulfillment, barcode scanning should be part of your daily operations. Barcode scanning is easy to implement, provides clear return on investment, will make your inventory much more accurate and will help prevent costly pick/pack/ship mistakes. Imagine standing in line in a supermarket and having to wait Keep Reading ..

Fast Inventory Count

In Delivrd, the inventory management software, it is possible to manually update the inventory count directly from the Inventory List screen now, instead of going through the Actions button. To update the quantity of a product after a manual count was carried out just click or tap (if you are using a mobile device) on Keep Reading ..