Best Free iPhone Spy Apps in 2024

iPhone is one of the devices that began the revolution of smartphones in the 21st century produced by Apple Inc. and has since inception taken a huge chunk off the smartphone market. iPhone over the years has gotten kudos for its security, but in this age, nothing could be safe for too long. There have been means devised to hack and spy on an iPhone and in fact, it is more hassle free than we might have thought using iPhone spy apps free.

Spy on iPhone Free

There could be several reasons to want to invade someone’s privacy and spy on iPhone free. For example, a caring parent owns the responsibility to keep an eye on their kids in order to keep them from immoral acts, indecent endeavors, dangerous locations and any act that could be inimical. This is a necessary reason to spy on iPhone free to keep our children in check and safe. An employer might also want to know the movements and activities of his or her employees to ensure that they are doing the right thing at the right and are in the right place during working hours in order to facilitate employee’s efficiency. People sometimes want to spy on their spouses as well, to be sure that they are where they claim to be and not cheating or engaging in any activity that might be dangerous or illegal. There is also the need to find an iPhone spy app free to be able to carry out a stealth mode activated and effective spying.

Basically we would like to check or spy the text messages, call record, media files, social networking sites, its usage, browsing history, Social media chat history etc in order to keep an eye on the person we care or want to keep a check on their activities.

Best 11 Free iPhone Spy Apps

Since there are numerous amount of so-called spy apps in the market that claim to be able to Spy on iPhone free, we need to evaluate and be sure which of these apps actually do what they claim they can do and those that we might be able to get for free or at least, a trial version to test the ability and stability of the app before investing money into it and then probably regretting in the end, If it does meet up to your standards. We would be looking at the top 11 iPhone spy apps free that are not only very effective, but are free or offers a free trial period.



eyeZy is a unique spy app and one of the most encompassing options you can find. Its extensive add-ons are much welcome, especially when you consider the fact that some other spy applications offer redundant and old functions.

  • It works hitch-free on Android and iOS devices.
  • The software stays undetected on the target’s device.
  • eyeZy has bank-grade data monitoring to make spying seamless in every aspect.

What Can Be Monitored?

  • Multimedia files
  • Keystrokes
  • Text messages
  • Social media platforms

mSpy Mobile Spy for iPhone

mspy iphone spy

mSpy is no doubt one of the best and reliable app to spy on iPhone free. This app lives up to expectation packing a whole lot of goody-bag and mouth-watering features. mSpy does not only spy on iPhone free, it also hacks into the phone and you can see almost all activity being carried out on the iPhone being spied on completely in the secret without the target phone or user noticing at all, as well no technical knowledge needed to use it. You can sign up for a mSpy account free.

  • It does not require jail-breaking to function
  • You don’t need to install any app on the target phone to be monitored or spied
  • It is quite easy to setup and use as well
  • Includes Keylogger to capture usernames and password
  • Bypasses two-factor authentication

What can be monitored?

  • Can monitor calls, call logs, contacts and even record calls
  • Access to SMS messages including those sent from third party apps
  • Track device location via GPS, view browser history
  • Can record surrounding sound with Mic
  • Can take screenshots and capture image


mspy iphone spy

Mobipast also offers both full and free version when downloaded and installed on the target phone. Very easy to install and should start monitoring and spying process in about 5 minutes.

  • It has the ability to remotely uninstall the spy app from a monitored device
  • Includes a Key logger to capture security code and unlock phone screen

What can be monitored?

Monitor calls and contacts, SMS, iMessage, Social Media platform, GPS, internet activity.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy monitoring software

This app is mainly useful for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids or for Employers to workers are doing what they ought to be doing. Mobile Spy helps to prevent the search of certain specified keywords on the target iPhone. Mobile Spy requires physical access to the target device in order to install the monitoring version on the device and it offers a 7 day free trial period.

  • Tracks location and can blacklist certain locations to give an alert when those areas are visited
  • Allows to set keywords and records when those words are searched

What can be Monitored:

Monitor calls and SMS messages, instant messaging app, GPS, calendar, contact, and media files.

Spybubble iPhone Spy


Spybubble is one of the highly regarded spying and mobile tracking app in the open market. It might be a little tacky to install, but it sure is worth it afterwards. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and offers a token $1 trial amount.

  • It can be used to track multimedia messages and media files
  • Can be used to control several of the target phones applications
  • Has the ability to block callers, websites and even games

GPS location, internet activities, Emails and messages, calls, record and prevent certain callers

iSpyoo Spy for iPhone

iSpyoo Mobile Spy App

iSpyoo is another iPhone spy app free which can be used to spy on a user without their consent. It also requires physical access to target device and its installation only takes a few minutes. It offers a free trial version and a variety of subscription plans that can suite your need.

  • Can configure the device from its web portal
  • Tracks live movement of target phone
  • Can be used to monitor video calls and it also has an auto answer call feature

What can be monitored?

Can check call records and SMS, browser history, usage history, voice recording and capturing and media files.


TheTruthSpy mobile spy

Thetruthspy might not be very common, but it does a great job to spy on iPhone free. It has an easy installation process within a few minutes of physical access to the target device to setup and the rest of the monitoring can be done on the web. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and offers a 48 hours’ trial period.

  • It has a remote delete feature that can delete something from the web
  • It also monitors Viber and Facebook

What can be monitored?

Access to video and photos media files, GPS location, call log, SMS, email, MMS, calendar and contact details.


MobiStealth remote cell phone monitoring

Mobistealth is another reliable iPhone spy app free that has been around for some time and possesses the ability to spy on iPhone just like every other app. Although you have to jail-break and have physical access to the iPhone in order to run it effectively, it still does a good job if all conditions are met.

  • It can monitor WhatsApp and Viber
  • Uses web portal to monitor and keep track of activities

What can be monitored?

Call history and contacts, iMessage and text message, Email, Location, social media platform and web history.


Monitoring Software for mobile phones

SpyEra is an app worthy of mention amongst the top 10 apps that can be used to spy on iPhone free. It has a very cool, easy to understand and user friendly interface with all its features arranged on the left pane for easy access.

  • It has a special notification feature for when the SIM card in the target device has been changed
  • It can also track change password on the target phone
  • Can be used to control apps

What can be monitored?

Tracking of IM chats and SMS, call logs and contacts, data and web history, VoIP calls, Live call recording and stealth camera.


Copy9 spy app

Copy9 is an iPhone spy app free that is also compatible with android devices which lets you in on data required on a target phone completely unnoticed transferring data to the apps server over mobile or Wi-Fi data. It also requires physical access to the target phone and it offers both paid and a trial version

  • It can remotely control the target phone
  • Monitors Skype, Viber, Kik, BBM and even Hangouts messengers

What can be monitored?

View call logs and contacts, messages, calendar data, GPS, Online activities, Record calls and surrounding sound.

Highster Mobile

Highster cell phone spying

Highster Mobile is a fast growing in popularity spy app cause of its simplicity and user friendly interface. Although it does not support some features like Call recording, it does have basic features of a spy app.

  • Can access Skype messages and call history
  • It possesses a 30-day money back guarantee service and a lifetime upgrade for users
  • Has a GPS tracking log that saves locations visited by target device
  • Can remotely install and app

What can be monitored?

Can monitor and spy on Emails and messages, can open Apps remotely, Notes, calendar, call history, social media files.

We have been able to look into several of the topmost iPhone Spy app free that can be used to spy on iPhone free all with similar features and a few unique ones. eyeZy is at the top of the list and it does not require jail-breaking or physical access to the target device. mSpy is a spy app worthy of trial with amazing features and easy steps to setup.

Free Way to Track Phone Number Location Without Them Knowing


Detectico allows you to track a phone number location without them knowing, using just their phone number. It works with a simple, hassle-free process that requires no special skills, no downloads, no deep pockets. For just $1, you can track someone’s phone number round the clock without any fuss.

With Detectico, you simply need to send your target an SMS that, when opened, gives the app constant access to the phone’s location data. It works on just about any phone and in any location with mobile coverage. That means you’ll be able to track a person by cell phone number anywhere, anytime, so long as they have a phone or smart device with an active SIM card on it.

Detectico will give you access to information about both their current and previous locations, and you won’t just be seeing some cryptic numbers that you can’t easily interpret. The location data will be presented in an easy-to-read, analysis-friendly report that’ll allow you to pinpoint your target’s location at a glance.

Now when you have learnt how to know others mobile location, you can easily keep a track of your loved one’s real-time location. Go ahead and give mSpy a try and share your inputs about the tool with us as well.