7 Best Free SMS Trackers Without Installing on the Target Phone

Before cell phones became a thing, we had to send out messages via the postal service. Although it wasn’t the fastest, it worked regardless. 

However, mobile devices coming to the scene brought about a massive switch as people resorted to sending messages through SMS (Short Message Service). This add-on is available on most cell phones, and with more than 2 trillion text messages exchanged yearly, SMS has become a go-to communication channel for most. 

SMS are vital as they help you pass information across to another person in seconds. Despite this advantage, some individuals are using text messaging to facilitate infidelity, child predation, and scams. 

With these vices becoming prominent in today’s world, getting context on your kid’s or spouse’s text messages is crucial. Why? To ensure they aren’t interacting with a shady character and divulging personal information. 

But you can’t just walk up to your ward or partner and say – get me your mobile device; I want to go through your texts. That’ll sound all shades of weird, and if they were sending sinister texts beforehand, they’d become more careful. 

At this juncture, what alternative can you trust to trawl the SMS messages of a target’s device remotely? SMS trackers!

As their naming suggests, these are apps curated for sieving out SMS texts from someone’s devices without them ever knowing. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the 7 mediums you can use to stealthily collate SMS messages from any target with relative ease. Stay tuned! 

Our Top 7 SMS Trackers: Complete List

If you’d like to see the SMS texting of a target remotely and secretly, chances are you’ve been making Google queries along these lines – what methods can I use to spy on text messages free without the phone in sight. 

Well, this search is most likely to yield a sea of options, all claiming to offer effective text tracking services

But are these options genuine?

The truth is that most are just fancy applications aimed at scamming patrons of their hard-earned funds. Using these alternatives, the chances of getting your financial data compromised are high. 

So, what apps can you trust?

As a newbie, it’ll be difficult to sieve out the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, we’ve dug deep to unearth the top 7 SMS trackers you can rely upon in 2024.

Notable mentions include:

#1 eyeZy


Do you want eyes into someone’s text messages in an instant? Consider the top-tier services of eyeZy. Unlike most SMS trackers, eyeZy has this futuristic stance – a theme that extends to the naming of its features. 

Using eyeZy’s Keystroke Capture, you can view every keystroke on the target’s device. So, once your ward or spouse types something on their smartphone, you’ll get perspective on what they wrote on your eyeZy “Control Panel.”

Is that everything in eyeZy’s résumé? Not quite.

eyeZy makes its SMS tracking services top-tier via the Social Spotlight add-on. This feature gets you updated on the target’s SMS and IM app conversations. 

Are you scared that your partner will erase the raunchy they sent to their secret lover, and you won’t be able to find it? Well, don’t fret. eyeZy has a “Screen Recorder” that screenshots the target device’s screen at intervals.

eyeZy also takes things further via “Magic Alerts.” This functionality prompts you each time the target is doing something wrong. So, if your spouse or kid is divulging data bits they shouldn’t, you can step in immediately.

eyeZy’s “Friendly Installer” comes in handy if you’d like to install the app onto a target’s cell phone with ease. 

You can get started with eyeZy within 5 minutes! 

Talk about an SMS tracker that denotes excellence!


Using eyeZy to hack text messages without access to the phone doesn’t translate into astronomic costs.

For context, eyeZy has these subscriptions available:

  • 1 Month: $47.99
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $9.99 per month

#2 mSpy


mSpy is a great option to spy on text messages without access to the target phone. With 30+ add-ons, mSpy’s text message tracker is a headliner.

One thing that you’ll come to enjoy about mSpy is that it works in 100% stealth mode. Once it’s installed onto the target device, mSpy trawls data in the background. With mSpy, the tracked person won’t have the slightest clue that you’re monitoring them. 

With mSpy’s text message tracker, you’ll get to see the target’s SMS texts in one tap. You’ll also get to view the timelines these exchanges occurred. So, if you’d like to connect the dots linking to your kid’s recent demeanor, getting some context is possible via mSpy.

mSpy will also get you updated with the media files on someone’s exchanges. This spying service will also get you in sync with their social media exchanges. 

Texts on the target device are uploaded to your Control Panel. To ensure you’re in sync 24/7, mSpy will update your dashboard every 5 minutes. Brownie points!

Did you encounter issues while using the mSpy app? 

24/7 support is available to offer context to your query. Installing mSpy on the target cell phone is also simple.


mSpy has these plans available for patrons:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.66 per month

#3 MobiPast


If you’re interested in knowing how to read someone’s text messages without their phone for free, MobiPast is one alternative you should consider. This spy app has over 30 features. However, one add-on that stands out due to its dexterity and uniqueness is SMS Monitoring.

Using this feature, you’ll see the texts on a target’s cell phone. Also, MobiPast will get you unfiltered access to the contact information of people the target converses with 24/7. Deleted messages will remain retrievable via MobiPast’s “achieves” segment. 

With MobiPast, nothing goes “past” you!

MobiPast also has a keylogger. This feature captures all keys tapped on the target device’s keyboard. Now, you can access the target’s IM app passcodes, SMS texts, and Internet searches with a single tap!

Once you install MobiPast on the target device, it goes into Stealth Mode. This spy app trawls information from a cell phone using minute levels of battery power. 

Thus, your spouse or kid will remain none the wiser about your SMS tracking acts. 


You can access MobiPast’s SMS tracking offerings via any of these subscriptions:

  • 1 Month: $48.99
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.66 per month

#4 iSpyoo


If you want to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone for free, you’d need an alternative that offers efficiency. For this delicate act, iSpyoo should be your go-to option. 

Using iSpyoo, you can see the texts on a target device without doing anything extra. This spy application goes the extra mile to deliver the “date and time” these texts went out or came into the device. 

Not all SMS trackers can sieve out the multimedia files in every message. However, iSpyoo is proficient in this aspect as it’ll get you up to speed with the photos and videos embedded in each exchange. 

With the “Redirect SMS” functionality, you can send a message to any phone number, including the variations available on the target’s device. Thus, you can fool the recipient into feeling they’re discussing with the primary target. Talk about revolutionary in every ramification!

If you encounter problems when using iSpyoo, you can seek insight via the service’s 24/7 helpdesk. However, we advise using the site’s live chat as it delivers instant responses. 

What’s more? iSpyoo has a 48-hour “Free Trial” in place. Unlike others that offer limited functions for their trials, iSpyoo grants its patrons that 100% spying experience. 


Engaging the iSpyoo application won’t see you filing for bankruptcy any time soon with these plans available:

  • Standard Pack: $21.99 per month
  • Premium Pack: $25.99 per month
  • Gold Pack: $30.99 per month

NOTE: If you subscribe to an iSpyoo plan, your banking statement won’t indicate anything relating to iSpyoo – ensuring 100% anonymity. 

#5 Cocospy


Cocospy is another top SMS tracker that’ll provide you the needed context on someone else’s SMS. With this spying application by your side, you can track every text message on the target’s device without hassles.

If you want an SMS tracker that executes its monitoring duties in full Stealth Mode, Cocospy is the application to beat. Upon installation, Cocospy sifts out SMS texts on the target device without spooking the tracked user. 

On some tracking apps, the SMS monitoring function is an “advanced” feature that requires root or jailbreak to unlock. Nonetheless, that isn’t the case with Cocospy, as you track messages without any difficulty.

If you’d like to see how Cocospy and its SMS tracking function work in real-time, engage “Demo Mode.” This add-on gets you an insider’s look into the app’s Control Panel and how tracked messages are arranged. 


Cocospy isn’t expensive to use. You can get your SMS tracking aspirations going once you subscribe to any of these packages:

Android Devices
  • Premium: $9.99 per month
  • Basic: $39.99 per month
  • Family: $69.99 per month
iOS Devices
  • Premium: $10.83 per month
  • Family: $99.99 per month
  • Business: $399.99 per month



Are you looking for the best Android and iPhone SMS tracker to monitor someone’s text? XNSPY is an option you might want to use. Just before you set sail with the XNSPY app, you can test the waters with its Demo. 

With XNSPY pulling the strings, you can view incoming and outgoing text messages in an instant. XNSPY also lets you place specific contacts on a watchlist. Now, you can protect your kid from pedophiles lurking on the web. 

If you have problems with XNSPY, the service has 24/7 support in the mix. Immediately after you air your concerns, an agent will reach out, proffering solutions to dispel a nagging issue. 


XNSPY has the following plans available:

  • Monthly: $44.99 per month
  • Quarterly: $24.99 per month
  • Yearly: $9.99 per month

#7 ClevGuard


Do you want to monitor messages (sent and received) for free? Consider ClevGuard. This SMS tracking app is all you need to sift out texts from an Android or iOS device without hassles.

Besides giving clients access to a unique SMS tracker, ClevGuard has other top-notch functions in its arsenal. For context, you can use this spy app to precisely track the GPS location of your kid, their browser history, and access every installed application on their device. 


Although ClevGuard doesn’t have a free trial available, this service’s subscription plans are pretty decent:

Android Devices
  • 1 Month: $29.95 
  • 3 Months: $16.60 per month
  • 12 Months: $8.32 per month
iOS Devices
  • 1 Month: $39.95 
  • 3 Months: $19.98 per month
  • 12 Months: $9.16 per month

What Is the Best App to Spy on Text Messages for Free Without the Phone?

If you’re looking for the best application to track the text messages on your kid or spouse’s smartphone, select the eyeZy application. Using this application, you’ll get unfiltered access to the exchanged SMS on the target device 24/7.

The application also has a keylogger, which allows you to track the target’s keystrokes. Additionally, the eyeZy app lets you place restrictions on some keywords. So, if your ward uses any of these words during a chat with someone shady, eyeZy’s “Magic Alerts” will notify you immediately. 

Besides SMS tracking, here are other add-ons you can enjoy using eyeZy:

  • Pinpoint
  • Plans Breaker
  • Files Finder
  • Web Magnifier
  • Connection Blocker
  • Invisible Shield
  • Friendly Installer

To access eyeZy’s SMS tracker, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the device. eyeZy installation is also simple and seamless, with the app providing a unique guide to get the spying adventure of patrons started on a high. 

With eyeZy, your tracking safety is assured as the site Incorporates bank-grade encryption for every action – device monitoring and otherwise.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone for Free?

SMS trackers are sophisticated, no doubt. Regardless, most services make usage simple for clients looking to know how to track text messages on someone else’s phone for free. 

Here’s a guide on how you can install your preferred spy service onto a target cell phone, regardless of OS:

  • Step 1. Create an account with your choice spying service. 
  • Step 2. Once you’ve completed the sign-up procedure on the spy app’s site, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your logins alongside a URL to your unique Control Panel.
  • Step 3. Install the spy app on the target device. Now, log Into your Control Panel using the credentials embedded in the confirmation email.
  • Step 4. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to every SMS available on the target’s Android or iOS smartphone. 

NOTE: Although you’ll need physical access to install a spy application onto an Android device, you can simply skip this process with iOS phones. With these devices, all you need to start SMS tracking is the target phone’s iCloud credentials.


How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone for Free?

Many ways exist to track someone’s SMS for free via a spy application. First off, you can choose a service with a Free Trial plan (note that you’ll have access to limited spying) available. 

For example, the mSpy app has a 10-day money-back guarantee in place. If you use the SMS tracking feature on mSpy and aren’t satisfied, you can seek a refund – however, you must request this within 10 days.

Another medium to use a spy app for free is by using a torrent version. This path, however, isn’t recommended as the inability to update these spy apps will lead to instability in the long run. 

Also, using spy applications during festive periods is a great way to get huge discounts. If you subscribe to a service with a 90% rebate, you won’t spend much. 

Is It Possible to Hack Text Messages Without Access to the Phone?

On Android smartphones, you must install the spy app directly onto the device. This procedure takes about 5-10 minutes to finish. 

Conversely, all you need to install an SMS tracker onto an iOS device is the phone’s iCloud credentials. Here, you’ll need to insert a verification code to get your SMS spying acts started. 

What Kind of Messages Can I Hack Without Access to the Phone?

Without the target device in your possession, you can hack these message variations via an SMS tracker:

Deleted texts
Disappearing chats
Secret chats
Social media texts


Texting is a communication format that isn’t dying any time soon. Although people use SMS to exchange vital information, some individuals foster child predation and cyberbullying via text. 

If you’d like to check the texts of your loved ones, do it the right way using the 7 SMS trackers listed above. 

Using these applications, you can view the timestamps of outgoing and incoming messages. You can also get crucial details about the person the target talks with all day long via text. 

Now, you can step in before an issue escalates.