Is It Possible To Find Out Someone’s Location By Only Knowing The Phone Number?

Why is it necessary to track down a phone? It might be because you have misplaced it, or because you wish to keep an eye on someone who has the device. Things are somewhat better in the first scenario until it reaches someone’s hands, but tracking in order to prevent this situation is more difficult. If a phone’s GPS or data pack is disabled, locating it becomes more challenging. The only thing operating is the phone’s number. Is it true that you can track a cell phone location by number? Is it feasible in real life? Find out whether this is the case.

Is It Possible To Locate A Phone With Only The Number?

It is easy to discover the location of a phone number. In movies, you’ve probably seen this technique for tracking a cell phone’s whereabouts by number. There is a little red light that begins blinking on the police department’s map as soon as the phone is turned on and the SIM card becomes active. The procedure does not utilize GPS or any other technology and only utilizes the phone’s number.

Still, the question is: can a regular person like you get access to such a system, which the government most likely uses to hunt down criminals? The answer is a resounding no. If you just need to track a phone number, as a law-abiding citizen it’s practically impossible. You can at the most get their name or registered address, but if your phone is stolen, this will not help.

However, there is always the choice of utilizing hacking. It’s called hacking. If you’re using your own phone, everything is completely legal. You may track location by phone number by sending in a bug. This bug will take care of the task for you, and you can easily locate it using the next section of this article.

Can I Find Out Where My Target Phone Is Located Using A Number?

You may utilize the number to find your phone if you have misplaced it and are unable to use GPS to trace a cell phone down. The following procedures must be followed:

Step 1: Check to see whether the phone is in switched-on mode. This is required for the procedure to succeed.

Step 2: By text message, send a hacking link that includes a bug or a worm to someone. This may be done using any texting software.

Step 3: Make the message convincing enough to persuade your phone’s user to click on the link. This will install a virus on your phone.

You must employ the help of this program to track down your phone, which will require it to access the phone’s GPS and turn it on. Following that, you may simply continue with the search. It is, however, fraught with difficulties. For example:

  1. Your sent bug is initially a regular text message. It won’t activate on its own until it’s been opened.
  2. Second, you must deliver your message honestly. There’s always the chance that the other person won’t comprehend what you’re saying.
  3. Third, if your phone is reset and restored to factory settings, there’s a good chance that the bug you sent will be erased.

So, to make this bug auto-install or not removeable, you’ll need a highly intricate code. This is also out of reach for the average person. So, no matter how hard you try, if your GPS is offline, monitoring cellular phone location by number only becomes more difficult. What are your options? mSpy offers an ideal solution when things get down to this.

eyeZy: Geolocation Feature Review 


eyeZy is a game-changing, next-gen app released just this year. It comes with a highly refined location tracker powered by AI. The AI-based algorithm supercharges tracking accuracy and provides a clearer picture of what your target is doing where. 

Many eyeZy reviews claim you’ll get a full map of all your target’s movements and a clear sense of what they’ve been up to.

eyeZy also powers a geofencing feature that alerts you whenever your target leaves a fixed location.

The Pinpoint location tracker is just another remarkable feature in the eyeZy app’s stunning list of features. You can use the location tracker in combination with many other tracking features like keystroke capture, social finder, phone analyzer, plan breaker, etc. 

What’s more, you can hide and reveal your tracking operations with just a keystroke. The app is lightweight and can operate inconspicuously without displaying any symbols or drawing down noticeable phone resources. 

You can get all these features at a giveaway price. It costs less than $1 a day to use eyeZy.

How Does eyeZy Track Location? 

eyeZy lets you track your target via Wi-Fi using GPS technology. Once you’ve set up the app, you only need an active data connection on both the target phone and yours to get constant updates of their location.

If you still wonder how eyeZy works, just hop on your eyeZy dashboard and tap on the Pinpoint feature. You’ll instantly get a rundown of their previous and current locations. Each entry comes with a complete address as well as time and date stamps.

Since it uses Wi-Fi, it can also track your target’s Wi-Fi connections, revealing a lot about their location. For instance, you could see them using Wi-Fi connections coming from places they shouldn’t visit.

You can also lock them into a given location with the geofencing feature. Once they leave that preset location, you’ll be notified instantly.

How mSpy Tracks Cell Phone Location?


mSpy is a wonderful alternative to hacking your phone in order to locate it. mSpy is a software that allows you to remotely access any device and monitor several of its features. With mSpy, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Check contact list;
  2. See calendars and memos;
  3. Get access to media files;
  4. Instant text messages;
  5. Track location;
  6. Get application information;
  7. You can access the phone remotely to lock it;
  8. Internet usage.
  9. Finally, mSpy allows you to track the phone’s location from any other mobile device using its GPS. 

All you have to do now is:

Step 1: Create a mSpy account.

mspy creat account

Step 2: Choose the target phone’s operating system.

Step 3: To access your Control Panel, log into your account. On the “Location” menu, select a country. On the right side of the Control Panel, you’ll see a map pinpointing your phone’s position.

mSpy is a simple program with no complex codes, bugs, convincing texts, or worries. Set mSpy into action as soon as you lose your phone by using its remote locking feature. It might be challenging to track a phone by number, but mSpy has this straightforward solution that not only locates the device but also protects it completely

You may never know what you might lose just by recording a phone’s location by number. mSpy is without a doubt a far more secure option. Why risk losing something when you can use this software to track your kids or monitor the movements of an employee? So, if you misplaced your smartphone, mSpy must be the solution.

Alternative Ways of Finding Location by Phone Number

Finding a location by phone number gets even better with two superb alternatives we’ll be recommending below. The best part of using these methods is that they work with just a few clicks and are available at a giveaway price.

North App: The Easiest Way of Location Tracking

north app

With North App, you can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free simply by entering their number and sending them a message. Once they click the tracking link, you’ll get real-time, accurate updates of their location. 

There are no complex installation requirements, and you can keep your tracking campaign clandestine for as long as you want. 

What’s more, it works the same way on just about any mobile device. No need to check if your target’s phone is compatible. North App can track anything from the oldest mobile phone models to the latest Android devices, so long as they’re running an active phone number that you know. You can track them down anywhere in the world, so long as their location has GPS and mobile network coverage. 

What’s more, you can track as many phone numbers as you want simultaneously. Plus, you have standby technical support to see you through any difficulties.

How Does North App Work? 

North App is the simplest phone location tracker on the planet, mostly thanks to the breezy setup requirements. Here’s all it takes to geolocate a phone number with North App:

Step 1. Enter Phone Number

You’ll find a number field on the North App official website, where you can key in your target’s phone number.

Step 2. Create Text Message

Create a decoy message that’ll compel your target to click the disguised permission link. You can also choose from the app’s message templates. 

Step 3. Send Text

The app will then send the message with the tracking link instantly to the target’s phone.

Step 4. Start Tracking Your Target

Once they click on the tracking link, you’re in. They’ll never know it, but the app will track them down to an inch wherever they go.