10 Best Ways to Catch a Cheater: Tips & Tricks

There are a thousand different scenarios that could play out if you spy on your partner. But one thing that’s certain is you’ll be better placed to make well-informed decisions than if you hadn’t tracked them.

If your spouse is one of the 24% of or 16% women who cheat in an exclusive relationship, learning how to catch a cheater earlier on can soften the blow. If they turn out a total saint, and you’ve got nothing on them, you can turn the page with greater confidence in their faithfulness.

Spying might sound sleazy and might upset your spouse if it comes to light, but you’re in the right to know what’s going on in their life, so long as there’s a need for trust in your relationship. Their personal decisions could have a knock-on effect on your life. For instance, a fight in their secret affairs could easily spill over into your relationship. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to protect yourself by keeping tabs on your spouse when they make regretful decisions behind your back and will discuss 10 different ways of how to catch a cheater.

Check Their Browsing History 

browsing history

If your spouse lets you in on their phone, they’re probably wiped out anything that could give away their affairs. But one place that could slip their mind is their browsing history. Last night, he probably looked up a restaurant or a bar where they’ll hook up next, and you could be on them. 

If you wonder, “I think my boyfriend is cheating, but I have no proof,” every browser logs visited pages, so try checking all his browsers. He could probably forget to clean up his tracks on one of his browsers. 

His cached files could also betray him when he clears his browsing history. Just type in random alphabets in his browser’s URL/search field, and the autofill feature might just fill you in on sites he’s been looking up or things he’s been searching for lately. Look out for sleazy suggestions like a female name, flirting sites, etc.

Alternatively, you can enable caching in his settings. That way, you can still find remnants of his browser data even when he’s cleared his browsing history. 

Another place to look on his browser is his cloud services. iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., can all be a convenient alternative to his local drive to store his cheating files.

Track Their Movements

location track

If you can’t pick up on any possible meeting time or place in your browser search, there are many ways to track your girlfriend’s whereabouts. You can check up on her Google Maps Timeline for her location history. Click on her profile on your Google Map, tap on the Timeline tab, or click the ‘Previous destinations’ option on the Maps main menu. 

The “Find My Device” web service (or Find My iPhone for how to catch cheaters on iPhone) lets you check up a phone’s location on another phone. You can track your girlfriend’s phone by activating the service on her phone and then checking into the cloud service with her credentials on your phone. She’ll probably never know the service is active on her device.

Another reliable way of how to catch a cheater is by tracking her location using a GPS tracker app like Scannero.io. Simply insert her number on the app and then craft a message with the app’s permission link in disguise. You could send a message urging her to change security settings on her app or to claim an offer from her favorite brands. Once your spouse clicks on the link, you’ll be on to every move she makes.  

You can also sync with the ride-hailing services she uses. Apps like Uber and Lyft support location sharing. It probably won’t show you everywhere she’s been to, but you could connect the small dots.

Check Your Partner’s Bank Account

bank account

This is another surefire method of how to find out if someone is cheating because it provides solid proof. Questionable personal expenses can provide strong clues of your boyfriend’s sordid activities. He can’t just go on a shopping spree for new outfits out of the blue. 

Sounds like when he used to invest a lot in his outfit when you first met. It’s a fact that men like to invest a lot in their relationships, especially during the early days. 

If you don’t share a joint account with him, it can be challenging to learn how to know if your boyfriend is cheating by tracking his expenses. But don’t try doing anything funny like forging his signature; you just can’t outsmart a bank! 

Instead, try checking elsewhere, like receipts in his wallets or his monthly bank statements. Also, check up on his phone’s email or SMS bank alerts. 

Scan for suspicious items like unusually large ATM withdrawals, hotel expenses, restaurant bills, online purchases, etc. 

Also, this is evidence you might want to keep handy, so make copies or take screenshots of the suspicious entries and hide them in a safe place where you can access them anytime. 

No matter what you see, avoid jumping to conclusions. Instead, try gathering more clues to get a clearer picture. For instance, he might have plowed a crater in his wallet because he’s got a gift splash going for you. Just keep the evidence to yourself and continue making your observations until having something conclusive. 

Make Use of Spy Apps


Go pro in your spying campaign by using a spy app to track every move he makes on his phone. Spy apps make it super easy to get a clear view of all your partner’s phone activities. If you wonder what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse, it’s one that digs into every place where he stores information on his phone, from his phone’s local memory to cloud storage services. 

Spy apps can remain completely out of sight in their operations, so you can rest assured your boyfriend will likely never find out you put a tracker on him

Installing a spy app usually just requires grabbing the target phone for a few minutes to load a link that triggers an automatic download and installation of the app. But in some instances, you might need to dig in a little deeper to root or jailbreak the phone. Removing phone restrictions through rooting/jailbreaking gives spy apps much greater access to their phone data. 

Once done with the installation, you’ll then get unlimited access to your partner’s phone data. Depending on the app you use, your user dashboard will provide details like his activities on Facebook, Instagram, dating apps, etc. 

You can also learn how to know if your girlfriend is cheating by checking her call logs, SMS, emails, browser data, and location data.

Advanced spying features like keyword alerts and geofencing alerts make you notice whenever suspicious phrases turn up in her conversations or when she moves in and out of a specific location. 

Install Hidden Cameras

hidden camera

Get stealthy with spy devices for cheating spouses, like hidden cameras to capture the sordid things your spouse does when no one is watching. Hide the cameras in as many places, especially around where your partner likes to spend time alone.

That’s how to catch a cheating wife in a Bond-style if she likes taking certain calls secretly in the bathroom. You can get wind of everything she says in secret. 

You can also place a hidden camera near the bed headboard. With that, she’ll no longer get away with her sleazy midnight texting. You may be fast asleep while she’s busy flirting, but you surely won’t miss a beat of anything. 

If you use baby cams with pretty sharp resolutions and infrared vision, you might just capture everything she types out or reads on her screen. 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of riddling the whole building with hidden cameras, your phone camera can do the job for you. The trick here is simply to leave your phone behind with the camera turned on. Place it in places where she likes spending time alone, like a bedroom.  

Just make sure the battery is charged enough to power the phone along with the camera rolling. The phone will just lie there innocently, but it could be collecting damning evidence when she hits up her secret lover. 

Ask Pointed Questions


Sometimes, you need a more tactful approach to learn how to tell if your partner is cheating. Shouting down at him and hurling accusations you have no evidence of might just make things more difficult. 

Ask questions with an open mind – but don’t be too open-minded to let important slide clues. If some of his responses don’t add up, don’t gloss over them, but don’t jump to conclusions either. Just take note and try asking other indirect questions that reveal more clues.

Watch the language he uses when responding. Does he get all defensive and try deflating your questions? Is he blaming someone or something else for his recent behaviors? His body language can also reveal a lot. Does he get uncomfortable when you get close to him while interrogating him?  

Try calming him down when things start getting heated up, and he recoils into his shell. You can nod in agreement to what he says and then follow up calmly with other questions.

If he dilutes the story with lies, you can tell a lie apart from the truth by asking him to tell the story in reverse order. For instance, you can ask him, “Ok, so you said you stopped by Paul’s for a quick chat and then forgot your wallet there, or did you forget it at a bar you were at earlier? If he was lying about any part of that story, his new account might not match properly with the initial one. 

Google Chrome Password Hack

google chrome

Google Chrome can save all your passwords conveniently in one place to provide them automatically during login attempts. If your spouse uses this feature, you could be looking through a complete list of all his passwords by checking his Google Chrome Passwords.  

All you need is their phone password. Open the phone, then run Google Chrome, and then go to “Settings → Passwords → Autofill.” Enter his phone password again on the next page, and you’ll be standing over a massive collection of all his essential passwords.  

First, scan to see if there are credentials to sleazy sites like Tinder or Ashley Madison. Then search for his favorite sites, including Facebook and other social media sites. You might even gain access to so much more than you wished for, it might guilt-trip you. 

But just grab as many important ones as you can and make sure you store them in a safe place. Your curiosity might someday lead you to crucial information that changes everything you thought you knew about your partner.

Use his credentials on your device to check for any clues about his recent behavioral quirks. 

Note also that some platforms support two-factor authentication, so you might need to confirm the login attempt on their device or disable the two-factor authentication when checking in on your device.

Create Fake Profile  

fake profile

If your partner is still the flirt he was when you first met, you probably may or may not succeed in taming his wild impulses. But you certainly can stop him from toying with your feelings. You can always stay a step ahead of the curve by learning all his secrets, even the closely guarded ones. One way to discover when your partner is being unfaithful is by testing their resolve. 

Here’s another easy way of how to find out if your partner is cheating online. Create fake profiles on his favorite social media platforms, and then try hitting him up. When he accepts the fake friend request, just follow him from a safe distance at first. 

Like or comment on his posts and send out warm greetings now and then. When he begins to let down his guard, you can start getting more personal, asking more personal questions to see if he trusts you more. 

If he’s the impulsive type, he might just jump into the driver’s seat and begin steering the things towards a secret affair.

Creating fake profiles can also help you track him down on dating platforms. Create them on as many dating platforms as you can, and use preferences and settings that most likely fit his. He might just show up on your potential match search list if he’s on a particular platform.

Touch ID Method 

touch id

So, she’s blatantly refusing to let you in on her phone passcode, as suspicious as that sounds. You can still get access to her phone to bust her up if she’s been up to no good lately. Her Touch ID feature can help you circumvent your girlfriend’s phone’s lock, no matter how many times she changes her passcode or locks pattern.

But first, your spouse’s phone must have the Touch ID feature. Ask to use their phone for a sec to book a cab or call a friend, then quickly open their settings menu and add your fingerprint to their fingerprint list (you can delete one of theirs to make room for yours). 

After that, you can always just use your fingerprint to open your spouse’s phone. 

Confront Your Partner  


Now you have undeniable proof of your partner’s funny business. The ball is now in your court. Depending on how you see things, you might want to make things as easy as possible for both of you. First, try getting the whole picture. You can tell them you already know everything, but still, give them a chance to share their side of the story, and then try filling any missing gaps.

Carefully guard your utterances, especially when they try to gaslight you and make it look like you’re the one who’s misjudging the situation. Don’t let them get to you – try to stay sharp, focused, and on-point. The aim is first to get a clear picture of what’s really transpired before drawing your conclusions. To get them to spill the beans, you need to ask clever questions and give clever responses. 

If they’re truly remorseful, you can see that they regret their rash decisions and would think twice next time if given another opportunity. 

But whatever the case may be, try not to make decisions on your own. Seek advice from friends, families, and marriage counselors.