How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on Facebook With No Risks of Getting Caught?

With about 2 out of 7 people active on Facebook, Facebook has become ingrained in people’s everyday lives across the world. Facebook is a go-to platform for connecting with people with similar interests. Unfortunately, the same sophisticated tools that are used to pull off great collaborative feats are also accessible to people who’re given to infidelity.

In one survey polling people who’ve been caught cheating, 41% said their Facebook activities gave them away. It’s always best for relationship partners to be open with each other about everything, including Facebook activities. But if you have reasons to suspect that your partner is abusing your trust, you need to learn how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you on Facebook.

In this guide, we’ll show you red flags that warrant you to spy on your partner’s Facebook accounts. We’ll also walk you step-by-step through the simplest ways to catch a cheater on Facebook without getting caught. 

Facebook Cheating Signs 

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Before launching a full-blown spying campaign, you have to make sure that it’s worth the efforts in the first place and that there are no false alarms. Wondering how to tell if your wife is cheating on Facebook? If you observe the following cheating signs, you’ve got to trace out where the smoke is coming from. 

Creating New Accounts and Deleting Old Ones

Has she created a new account with new friends and new profile pictures? She’s probably going to come up with a credible excuse if you ask her why like security and privacy concerns. If she’s telling the truth, then she’ll probably let you in on the new account. But if she’s changed things so much with the new account, including what she shares with you, then you need to learn how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook.

Changing Passwords Randomly

In many cases, healthy couples don’t have a problem using a shared computer for their online activities. They save their passwords on the shared device to make it easier for either one of them to log in to their accounts.

If this is how your relationship was like not too long ago — until your partner started changing passwords and refused to save them on the shared computer — you probably need to learn how to find out if your spouse is cheating on Facebook. 

Spending More Time on Facebook Than Usual — Including at Odd Hours

It’s normal to wonder, ‘Is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook?’ if she’s been practically glued to her Facebook app lately, even during unusual times of the night. But you have to be sure it isn’t a seasonal thing or a demanding project she’s working on.

However, it’s best to keep on monitoring the situation for a bit longer before acting on your suspicions. You can start monitoring her on your own app with the green dot that turns on when she’s active. Note that she might deactivate her green dot anytime in her setting. You should also try checking how long she’s been active by grabbing her phone now and then to check the last time she logged into her Facebook app. 

Leaving You Out of the Picture

You may be gradually heading down a path of separation if she leaves you behind in her Facebook world. If she no longer finds joy in sharing photos of you two together, she’s probably thinking of moving on without you. 

Several Posts With Changed Privacy Settings

Still, wondering how to tell if someone is cheating on Facebook? Look into his privacy settings. If he has nothing to hide, he doesn’t need to apply privacy settings to posts that prevent you from reading them.

Does he have one too many posts with locks on them that you can’t read? Perhaps it’s time to find out how to catch him cheating on Facebook. 

One Too Many Friends From the Opposite Sex

While this isn’t necessarily a red flag, you shouldn’t take it lightly if your partner suddenly becomes interested in making friends from the opposite sex — especially if they’re friends from dating groups. If you notice the number of new female friends on your partner’s list rising disproportionately of late, you need to make an effort to investigate his new friends. 

More Comments and Likes From Friends of Opposite Sex

Maybe your spouse’s comments and likes alert is filled with alerts from men. Or there’s this one man who keeps commenting and liking her posts. But it might be something casual, so you can just talk lightly about it with her. But if her responses don’t add up, you probably need to find out what she’s hiding from you on your own. 

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating on Facebook? 


Now that you’ve confirmed some critical signs of cheating, you need to swing into action — but with a meticulous plan! You don’t want to jump the gun and take drastic and unnecessary measures.

First, you should start by paying closer attention to their behaviors, then track their online activities stealthily. If you stumble on a major find, you’ll then have something to confront them with.

To ensure you get to that moment of truth, here’s how to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook with the best methods: 

Observe Smartly

Compare how he’s acting now to how he used to during the best times of the relationship. If possible, keep a journal of his activities — how long he uses Facebook, how he reacts when you walk in on them, etc. By recording down your observations, you won’t miss out on things when drawing your conclusions.

You should also prepare your mind for anything that might happen if you catch your spouse cheating on Facebook Messenger. Keep a circle of confidantes, friends and family, relationship counselors, divorce lawyers – just about anyone who can help you deal with the situation if things go south. 

Track Their Online Activities

The easiest place to start tracking their Facebook activities is through their browsing history. But if they’re smart enough to delete their browsing history, try reading their messages directly on their Facebook app. If they don’t like leaving their Facebook app open on their phone, try using spying software like keyloggers or spy apps to gain access to their accounts (more on these methods below).

If you find any suspicious Facebook Messenger cheating messages, try tracking the identity of the senders/receivers. 

Hire a Private Investigator

If you’re wondering how to catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook while distancing yourself from the whole spying operation, you can try out a private investigator.

But you need to hire one with a state license and a good track record — you want to make sure you don’t incur any major legal repercussion and that the evidence you obtain is admissible in court in case things turn out for the worse.

A good private investigator can track your partner both on Facebook and offline and help you make educated guesses about what your partner is up to.

However, note that private investigators don’t come cheap. If you’re using a joint bank account, you might want to avoid raising suspicions by minimizing the investigator’s fees as much as possible. Ask the investigators what you can do for them to minimize their working hours and pay. 

3 Best Ways to Tell If Your Wife or Husband Is Cheating on Facebook 

Hiring a private investigator can leave a huge dent on your wallet, and it can be quite dicey to track your spouse’s online activities directly from their computer or smart devices.

However, here’s how to find out if your husband is cheating on Facebook effortlessly: 

Spy Apps


There are a plethora of spy apps out there today, but you need to do your due diligence to find the one that’s best-fitted for you. Some powerful ones like mSpy and SpyBubble (more on these below) come with an intuitive interface and seamless operational requirements.

Once installed, these Facebook cheating apps collect Facebook data from your target’s account and present them in easily digestible formats on your smartphone screen for you to read anytime, anywhere.

Another key advantage of spy apps is that they can spy not only on Facebook activities but several other phone activities such as their text messages, calls, media files, etc. 



As the name suggests, a keylogger is a tool (hardware and software) that gives you access to records of keys pressed on a device. To put things into perspective, a keylogger enables you to see just about everything your spouse does when using Facebook — the messages he sends, the pages he navigates to, and even his login credentials.

You can use hardware keyloggers if your spouse uses a computer with a bunch of cords hid away. That way, you can easily hide the keylogger device between the wire clutter.

But if they’re using a smartphone or the cords on their computer are in plain sight, you can opt for software keyloggers. These operate inconspicuously once installed on the target device and send you reports of the target’s key presses on a set interval. 



This is one of the oldest tricks for spying on someone’s online activities. The idea behind how to catch someone cheating on Facebook by using phishing tools is to trick your spouse into disclosing his Facebook login credentials.

The method entails setting up a website that looks related to Facebook (like or and then luring your spouse via text or email to log in to their Facebook account through the website. Once he does, the phishing site automatically captures his Facebook credentials for you to view.

However, note that this method requires steep technical skills. If you’re short of great coding skills and don’t have a passion for learning them, you can hire a phishing professional.

Also, your target might have two-factor authentication active and will get alerted if you try logging into their account on a new device. Try using the login credentials on a device they have already used for their Facebook activities.

3 Best Apps to Catch Facebook Cheaters

We want to elaborate on how to catch a cheating spouse on Facebook using spy apps because this method is downright the easiest and most effective. These apps won’t cost you an arm, and a leg like private investigators or phishing experts do. But they’ll help you learn how to catch a cheater on Facebook like a pro.

Here are the 3 best spy apps for easily mastering how to catch Facebook cheaters:



eyeZy is one of the best Facebook tracker apps in the market. eyeZy reveals not only your spouse’s Facebook messages but also their friend’s list, group posts, shared multimedia files, and a host of other Facebook activities. The installation process is swift — you only need a few seconds of physical contact with the target phone if it’s an Android device or your target’s iCloud login credentials if spying on an iOS device.

Once installed, the software will send you easy-to-read reports of your target’s Facebook activities round the clock.



Hoverwatch also gives you comprehensive coverage of your partner’s Facebook activities. You’ll be able to see your spouse’s direct messages, private messages, and group messages. The app also enables remote screenshots so that you can get real-life images of your partner’s Facebook screen.

Hoverwatch also helps you trace the identity of the people your spouse chats with. You’ll also be able to find out a whole lot about what their contacts have been up to, so you can really understand who they are and what they want from your partner. 



SpyBubble also executes sweeping data collection operations in a stealth manner. If you wish to find out if your spouse is cheating on you, this app can help you by offering Facebook monitoring features: text messages, shared content, secret conversations. Once you have it installed, it disappears into the target phone’s background and collects copies of your partner’s Facebook data without leaving any icon anywhere or using up significant phone resources like battery power, data allowance, or memory space.

Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating: What Can You Do?

Facebook recently introduced a secret message feature that encrypts messages end-to-end to protect them from intruders and stalkers. If your partner is using Facebook secret conversations for his cheating adventures, there are many ways you can still get around the encryption to read up on his secret messages.

First, you can use a keylogger to obtain his Facebook credentials and then log into his account from a familiar device. You can then read up on all his messages, including secret messages. You can also use a remote screenshot feature to take screenshots as he reads and types out his secret messages. 

What to Do When Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Deletes Facebook Messages?

If your partner knows you’re tech-savvy, she might not want to risk leaving behind any evidence of her affairs on Facebook. She might get in the habit of deleting her Facebook messages — especially the ones that might raise suspicions.

But you can always get a step ahead of her using spy apps like mSpy. mSpy copies her messages and stores them on your dashboard the moment she sends or receives the messages. Even if she deletes the messages afterward, you’ll still find copies of the messages saved on your user dashboard, where you can view them anytime, anywhere. 


So far, we’ve shown you what signs of Facebook cheating should warrant a spying campaign and how to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook successfully. If you find any of these signs, you can either hire someone to spy on your partner, or you can go it all alone like a pro with the best spy apps like mSpy. mSpy gives you comprehensive, consistent coverage of your target’s Facebook activities, including deleted and secret messages.