How to Intercept Text Messages Without the Target Phone for Free?

Tools to read text messages, intercept calls, and track other phone activities were once exclusive to top-secret military projects and government espionage. But these days, they’ve largely cascaded down to the hands of everyday people who need to squash secret activities around them.

Parents can use one to steer their kids away from the over 500,000 predators who surf the web every day, employees to squash scandals in the workplace before they blow up, and spouses to avoid an emotional rollercoaster when dealing with strong suspicions of infidelity. 

But despite their ready availability, many people still struggle to find an ideal tool to intercept messages due to limitations like prohibitive costs, steep technical requirements, and lack of proper guidance and support. 

In the following sections, we’ll examine how these issues affect different sets of people who need to intercept cell phone calls for ethical reasons. We’ll also recommend many different ways around these limitations, with a breakdown of the most effective ways to track phone data.

Why Would I Need to Intercept Text Messages?

Your tracking needs determine the best-suited methods of how to get someone’s cell phone records without them knowing. If you’re an employee with legitimate reasons to track your employees, you might only need to intercept their SMS and social media texts. 

On the other hand, parents might need not only to intercept but also to delete text messages on their children’s phones to protect them.

Also, if you find yourself asking, ‘Why am I getting text messages meant for someone else?’, chances are someone is trying to track others’ phone messages using your phone for these particular reasons.

Let’s look at each use case in more detail:

Parental Control

Parents can use parental control apps to supervise how their kids use their phones. They can monitor who their kids are chatting with and prevent unbecoming conversations from happening. With remote control features, they can boot anyone from their kids’ life who’s trying to manipulate them. 

They can also prevent their kids from accessing harmful content on the web or excessively indulging in social media or gaming apps. 

Marital Infidelity

Depending on the intensity of their suspicions, a suspecting spouse can deploy any one or a combination of many different phone tracking tools. For instance, if they intercept a chat about a suspicious meeting, they can deploy a GPS tracker to find their way to the meeting. 

However, in some cases, the evidence from text messages can be enough to confirm or debunk suspicions of infidelity. 

Employee Monitoring

Employers might need to intercept phone calls for several reasons. They might want to ensure that employees always carry themselves well as brand ambassadors, avoiding comments and scandalous activities that contradict the company’s values. 

Employers can also use text message tracking to monitor productivity in the workplace. For instance, they might want to ensure that their workers don’t use their work time for personal, unproductive reasons.

How to Intercept Someone’s Text Messages?


We know there are good reasons to intercept text messages over Wi-Fi – peace of mind, protecting oneself as well as others, etc. We’ve had our own fair share of those reasons, too – curious young ones or marketing team members that easily get distracted during the time on the clock.

However, certain methods have always enabled us to pull off the needed technological feats in these circumstances. For those asking ‘Can cell phone calls be intercepted?’, here are the most reliable methods you can try:

Password Matching

This is a relatively straightforward method. All you need is some common sense and, if possible, some software. However, there are no guarantees, and the success rates are usually relatively low. 

The password matching method simply entails making educated guesses until you crack the code. 

Now, there are different techniques for doing this. You can try password recycling – using any of your target’s known passwords or combinations of relevant figures like their birthday, wedding anniversary, phone numbers, etc. 

You can also try brute force hacking software or dictionary attack to generate possible combinations relentlessly based on relevant clues until the correct combination is figured out. 

Make a Call Forwarding to Your Phone

Another alternative we’ll recommend is call and text forwarding. This setup simply forwards all incoming and outgoing texts and calls from the target phone to your device. The caveat here, however, is that you can’t hide this from your target. They can effectively shut you down if they want to.

Text and call forwarding on Android requires special apps built for that purpose. An app like AutoForward Text allows you to forward others’ text messages to one or multiple devices at once. 

On iOS devices, call, and text forwarding only works via iCloud. You’ll have to access your target’s iCloud account using their credentials on your device. That way, you’ll get to read the full details of every call or text uploaded to their iCloud. 

Use Spy Apps

Spy apps are your best bet for getting intercepted phone calls because they give you more tracking options than any other method out there. Their use is almost priceless, given the vast range of data you can have on anyone. What’s more, you can choose to be discrete or open up when you want. If you can spy on them ethically, you can shadow them for as long as you want. 

Top-notch spy apps bring detail-oriented results that give you a full picture of your target’s activities. You can see the full contact details of their correspondents, as well as the time and date stamps of the messages. You’ll get to see all their texts, wherever they originate – SMS, email, social media apps, online forums.

Is It Possible to Intercept Someone’s Text Messages for Free?

If you’ve got hardcore technical skills, you may not find it challenging to intercept iMessage over Wi-Fi for free using methods like phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. But don’t start biting your nails yet if these methods sound Greek to you. You still have other friendlier-free methods to try, though you’d have to make do with certain limitations.

The best free method we’ll recommend is the demo version of mSpy. It’s a straightforward process that requires nothing more than just signing up for the app and then downloading and installing it with a couple of easy steps. 

Once that’s done, you simply need to log on to your user dashboard and then scroll through the different categories of your target phone’s data. For instance, in the social media category, you’ll see sections for WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, etc. 

You’ll also find options for passive monitoring, where you don’t have to spend copious hours tracking your target. You simply need to check up on them only when you get alerted to the use of certain words or phrases in their conversations. 

How to Hack Text Messages on Someone’s iPhone With mSpy?

mspy iphone

As said earlier, you don’t need any prior technical background to set up and use mSpy. The only major challenge when setting up the app on an iOS device is obtaining the target’s iCloud credentials. Everything else can be done in a breeze from your device. 

Here is a breakdown of steps involved in iPhone text message hacking with mSpy:

Step 1. Sign Up for Your mSpy Account

Click the ‘Try Now’ button on mSpy’s official website and follow the proceeding prompts to set up your account.

Step 2.  Enter Your Target’s iCloud Credentials

After setting up your user dashboard, you’ll find a field on your home page where you can enter your target’s iCloud credentials. Note that you need to ensure that your target uses iCloud syncing and has turned off two-factor authentication for their iCloud.

Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Target’s iPhone

Once you enter their correct iCloud credentials, you’ll get instant updates of their text messages whenever they send or receive one.

How to See Text Messages on Someone’s Android With mSpy?

mspy android

Installing on Android is also simple, but you’ll need access to the target phone briefly. Here’s how to intercept a phone call on Android with mSpy:

Step 1. Sign Up for Your Account

Click the ‘Try Now’ button on the app’s site and follow the prompts to set up your user account. When asked, choose ‘Android’ as the type of device you want to track.

Step 2. Download and Install the App

Follow the installation instructions in your account confirmation instruction. This will entail grabbing the target phone for a brief moment to do things like changing some settings and loading an automatic download and installation link.

Step 3. Start Tracking Your Target’s Android

After all this, you can take out your phone and log on to your Control Panel to access up-to-the-minute updates of all your target’s texts.

Is it Legal to Intercept & Read Someone’s Text Messages?

The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ because there are lots of determining factors to consider. One is the local laws in a user’s locality. In many places, there are explicit laws governing the use of text message trackers. 

However, in most places, you’re allowed to track someone who has consented to it or a minor who’s too young to make decisions on their own. If you track someone behind their back – especially if they’re an adult – you’ll most likely be tethering on the other side of the law.


We’ve shown you some of the most reliable methods for intercepting phone calls. These solutions have helped people find peace in a variety of contexts and disturbing situations.

Spy apps are relatively simple and straightforward. It takes just one brief moment of upfront work to get a full-blown tracking campaign underway for as long as you want.