How to See Someone Else’s Activity Log on Facebook Effortlessly?

Gone are the days when a different continent meant an alien civilization. Thanks to Internet facilities, our world today has become a much smaller space of interconnected persons, and social media platforms have made round-the-clock social networking seamless. One of the most famous of these social media channels is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

Parents, employers, and acquaintances always seek to see a Facebook friend’s activity remotely for different reasons. With billions of users having an account, most of your acquaintances’ activities are accessible via Facebook. This social media platform has benefits it offers its users. But Facebook has its adverse side effects too. So, if you want to know how to see someone’s Facebook activity, there’s a way out.

How to See Someone’s Facebook Activity Using FB Monitoring App?

You’re concerned about someone who’s giving you restless nights. Their attitude towards you has changed tremendously. They never stop chatting with someone via their Facebook app. You don’t know the other person, but you think they’re responsible for your loved one’s sudden change.

You wish to get access to their Facebook messages to verify the source of the problems. But they won’t let you hold their phone. However, you aren’t a pro hacker to break into their accounts through your computer or phone.

The problem now is, how do you see someone’s activity on Facebook without accessing their device? You can do that readily without any excellent tech skills using eyeZy. eyeZy grants its users several opportunities to monitor other persons’ online activities in easy steps. But what is this “eyeZy app”?

eyeZy — The Best Facebook Monitoring App


eyeZy is a parental control monitoring app usable across different mobile devices. It lets you monitor your loved one’s online activity from iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android devices. This monitoring app supports multiple languages with both paid and trial licenses for users.

This parental monitoring app lets you in on just about anything on the target device. You can view someone else’s address book, call history, email, browser history, and more. You can also control the device remotely by restricting messages and calls from it. You could also block specific websites and apps to keep your minors safe online.

Moreover, you can precisely track specific keywords on the target device. And eyeZy’s GPS tracker lets you monitor your ward or loved one’s location in real-time. With eyeZy, your worries about what your partner is involved in online cheating can fade away. You’d detect the reason why someone’s almost always on their phone.

Features of eyeZy to Hack Your Minor’s Facebook Account

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels on the target phones are readily accessible. Our primary focus here is on how to see someone else’s activity log on Facebook. You could see someone’s activity on Facebook anonymously without their knowledge. We highlight briefly some of the stand-out features of eyeZy that users can enjoy on Facebook.

  • With eyeZy, users can see someone’s conversations on Facebook Messenger.
  • You’d have an incredible chance to see secret conversations and deleted messages on others’ accounts.
  • You could also search someone else’s timeline for updates and general information they read often.
  • eyeZy lets you see recently added friends on your target Facebook account. That way, you’ll monitor their new friends.
  • You’d see what someone comments on with their Facebook accounts if they’re not a friend.
  • You’ll see what someone likes on Facebook, regardless of whether they’re your friend or not.

Step-by-step Guide on How to See Someone’s Facebook Activity

As stated earlier, eyeZy doesn’t require hi-tech hacker tools to break into a Facebook friend activity. If you follow our guidelines, you could be onto your minor’s device in no time. You can start enjoying the legitimate privileges of eyeZy for parental control in the few steps outlined below.

Step 1. Create the eyeZy Account

eyeZy create account

Once you’ve decided to use eyeZy, the next thing to do is create a eyeZy account. You can do so on eyeZy’s official website.

Step 2. Choose Device & Download eyeZy

eyeZy select device

Choose the device you want to use the app on and download eyeZy from your store. This step is critical to verify that the app is compatible with your device.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan 

eyezy choose plan

After downloading the eyeZy app on the mobile device, choose the plan that suits you best. Packages range from monthly plans to quarterly and yearly premiums. If you want to monitor your ward over a long period, the annual premium is best. And that’s because the cost of a month’s subscription reduces as the plan period increases. With eyeZy, there won’t be a serious challenge on how to see everything someone does on Facebook.

Step 4. Start Monitoring Facebook

eyeZy demo

You can start monitoring your loved ones right away. By installing the app, you get to see your friends’ Facebook activity. The entire process is straightforward as you could complete eyeZy installation in just five minutes.

How to See Someone’s Activity Log on Facebook Without Tracking Apps?

A tracking app isn’t the only tool for discovering how to see what someone is doing on Facebook. There are other methods that can show how to see someone else’s activity log on Facebook without a password. The advantages of these methods include not having to service any premium subscription. Though these methods are limited in how much information they could provide, they’re sometimes helpful too.

Check Recent Activity Log Using the Facebook Side Tab

This method works if the person you want to monitor is on your friends’ list. By clicking the Facebook side tab, you can access the person’s new posts and comments. When the fellow gets a new friend or joins a group, you’d be aware in real-time. The notification center allows you to check your Facebook friend’s activity without a spy app.

To do this, log onto your Facebook account and click the notifications icon. You’ll readily view the person’s friend requests and group messages. This way, you get to know a few things about the person’s circle of online friends. As useful as this method is, it’s limited in the amount of information it could supply. You may want to use a more sophisticated parental control method.

See Someone’s Likes on Facebook

Without using any spy app, you could get information about someone else’s favorites on Facebook. Just like the previous method, the person has to be your Facebook friend, and their profile has to be made public. This method lets you view what shows or celebrities the person seems to favor. To see someone’s likes on Facebook, log in to your Facebook and click on the person’s profile.

Next, select the “More” icon and click “Likes” from the drop-down options. You can then view all the person’s favorite books, movies, photos, and more. However, this method isn’t so reliable. The person could easily fake a public persona. Of course, you can get private information about the person’s Facebook usage with apps like eyeZy.


We bring answers to some of the frequent questions that bother potential or existing eyeZy users.

Can People Tell When You Look at Their Facebook Page?

No. It’s impossible for the owner of the account you’re spying on to be aware of your surveillance.

Is It Possible to See Someone’s Search Story on Facebook?

Facebook’s policy doesn’t allow other users to see someone’s search history. However, there’s a range of other accessible activities that could give detailed info about the person.

Is It Possible to See When Someone Was Last Active on Facebook?

Sure. You can view someone else’s last active Facebook status either through a web browser or application.

Is It Legal to Spy on Someone Else’s Facebook Account?

eyeZy is a legitimate monitoring app for parents, guardians, and employers to lawfully apply surveillance measures. It is illegal to monitor a phone you don’t own or have permission to scan.

Will I Know If Someone Uninstalled the App from the Target Device?

eyeZy will send you a notification if someone removes the app from the device.

Final Thoughts

From a recent study, about 91% of adolescent Facebook users reportedly post their pictures online. Three-fifth of them upload their home location. 71% of active teens on Facebook post their school name. And about half post their real cell phone numbers online. All these further emphasize the potential danger of social media to young persons.

You don’t have to lose your sleep for lack of facts on your child’s Facebook activity. Tracking apps like eyeZy allow you to see someone’s Facebook activity anonymously. Within a few minutes, you can install eyeZy on the device and begin your investigations.

You could also use other monitoring options that don’t require a spy app. But remember that such alternatives are inherently limited. If you have further unanswered questions on eyeZy, see their official web page. Always remember, though, to make legitimate investigations only.