One of the Best mSpy Reviews of 2024

Mobile devices and social media play a crucial role in many people’s lives. According to a recent study, about 85% of Americans hop on the web daily. Also, 3 in 10 Americans state they’re constantly online for the most part of each day. 

The web and social media have their perks — fast and easy communication and access to information (news, and educational materials).

However, they have some notable cons. For instance,  individuals on social media platforms, while presenting themselves as decent, might be into nefarious activities such as child predation and cyberbullying.

With these vices around, you might want to monitor the people closest to you to certify their safety on the web all day long. 

The good news is that this is the 21st century, and your thought is no longer wishful thinking; it’s now a reality. Thus, numerous firms are creating cell phone spy apps to grant you access to your kid, spouse, or employee’s device without them knowing. 

In the search for a high-quality spy app that delivers as promised, we encountered an excellent app — mSpy. 

After sieving out this great spy application, we noticed individuals making queries along these lines — “does mSpy really work?” or ‘is mSpy a scam?’ online. 

With these questions in view, we’ve gone the extra mile to review this glorious app. 

In our mSpy review, we’ll give a thorough assessment of the application to give intending patrons context on what they’ll get by patronising the service. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is mSpy & How Does mSpy Work?

mspy reliable cell phone tracker

mSpy is one of the most famed spy applications on the market. It’s supported in 180+ countries and has more than 1.4 million users worldwide. With its revolutionary features, this app can track any activity that your target performs on their device.

This app was designed to help worried parents monitor their children’s online acts. mSpy also comes in handy to assist concerned partners in tracking their significant other. You can also use mSpy to monitor your workers device and ensure that they’re performing their duties as required.

What’s more?

You could install the mSpy app on your device to guard it from theft. Talk about an application with all its basis covered! 

One unique thing about the mSpy app is that it remains hidden on a target’s device. Thus, your ward or spouse won’t know they’re being spied upon or tracked. Even if they get paranoid and start looking for the application on their devices, they won’t see it as its thumbnail goes “Incognito” after installing.

In addition, mSpy phone tracker is one of the best and most accurate in the world. This accurate GPS tracking feature definitely comes in handy if you want to track a missing phone or the target’s location.

Ever had to ask the “how to use mSpy” query? Even if you’re not tech-savvy, mSpy has a clutter-free Control Panel that’s seamless to navigate. 

DID YOU KNOW: You can start your spying activities on this mSpy dashboard with a few clicks. If you’re an experienced user and desire some advanced features, you can configure and customize featured settings for a top mSpy experience.

mSpy Pros & Cons 

mSpy is an excellent spy app, maybe the best on the market. However, as part of this mSpy iPhone review, we’ll examine some of its notable pros and cons. 

Here are some reasons why this app may or may not be ideal for you.


  • An excellent user interface that makes this app extremely easy to use and accessible
  • It has a 14-day money-back guarantee policy
  • An excellent support service that’s available 24/7 and in multiple languages
  • Packed with many spying features that make spying easy and fun
  • The app has multiple pricing plans.
  • Remote controlling features that lets users remotely control their target’s device, take screenshots, videos, or record audio
  • If the free trial period is unavailable, the app offers a 30% discount in its stead
  • Works in about 180 countries
  • Extremely accurate GPS tracking and geo-fencing features
  • App’s undetectable on the target’s device
  • Compatible on most iOS and Android devices
  • Requires no jailbreaking or rooting


  • It has a one-plan-per-device policy.
  • Requires jailbreaking or rooting to unlock full features
  • There’s no officially supported desktop version
  • Some regard the pricing plans as expensive

Main mSpy Features

mSpy is famed and trusted by millions of users globally simply because it has many unique features. Its variety of features, installation ease, compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones, and simple usage are some of the reasons why it’s a leading spy app. 

mspy features

Some of the mSpy main features include:

  • Website monitoring and blocking
  • Call tracking (outgoing and incoming)
  • Target phone information tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • Instant messenger and social media apps monitoring
  • Email tracking
  • Device location tracking
  • Geo fencing
  • Keylogging
  • Keyword and instant alerts

What Makes mSpy Stand Out 

As stated earlier, mSpy is filled with loads of features. Here are some add-ons that set it miles apart from its competitors.

  • Screen Recorder 

With mSpy’s screen recording feature, you can record whatever your target is doing on their phone, including their social media activities. You can view these screen recordings by logging in to your Control Panel.

  • Remote Installation 

mSpy has a remote installation functionality for iPhone devices. This feature eliminates the stress of physically installing the app on your target’s phone.

  • Advanced Live GPS Location Tracker

mSpy has one of the best GPS tracking features on the market. The spy app’s GPS tracker is precise, making it seamless to locate a target, track a missing phone, or even set a geofence for your target. 

  • Works With Two-Factor Authentication on iPhones 

Not all spy apps can bypass two-factor authentication on devices, especially iPhones. Fortunately, mSpy can! 

The app is top-rated for its collection of state-of-the-art tracking add-ons. Patrons can use these functionalities on any iPhone, regardless of whether it has 2FA active or not. 

Furthermore, the mSpy app is equipped with multiple installation procedures. If bypassing mSpy’s two-factor authentication on an iPhone seems to pose issues, you can opt for the jailbreak route. 

NOTE: Jailbreaking a target’s iPhone gives you access to advanced mSpy features. Although you’d find many jailbreaking apps on the Internet, we recommend using the Cydia app to avoid glitches after the process. 

Applications That Can Be Spied On

Sometimes spying on someone’s text messages and call logs isn’t enough. mSpy developers know this, and that’s why they designed a spyware capable of spying on numerous installed applications on a target device. 

social media icons

This table highlights the applications the mSpy app can spy on in a target device: 

ApplicationsCan mSpy track it? (Yes or No)
Skype Yes ✅
TelegramYes ✅
WhatsAppYes ✅
ViberYes ✅
SnapchatYes ✅
LineYes ✅
TinderYes ✅
iMessageYes ✅
TinderYes ✅
Facebook Yes ✅
Instagram Yes ✅
KikYes ✅
GmailYes ✅

The list of apps accessible by the mSpy application is limitless. Using this spyware, you have 100% access to all installed apps and programs on the target’s device.

There Is More: mSpy Remote Key Features 

Now that you know that mSpy can function remotely, you might have thoughts about the monitoring acts you can perform with mSpy’s remote key features. 

Notable mentions include: 

  • Restart a target’s phone 
  • Lock a target’s smartphone
  • Wipe a target’s phone if it’s lost and you don’t want the new device handler to have access to your target’s info
  • Remove a target’s phone from your monitored devices
  • Eliminate all the logs on your online dashboard.
  • Export available logs on your Control Panel for storage on your device or external storage devices in various supported formats, including PDF, XLS, and CSV.
  • Restart mSpy on your target’s phone if it disappears from your control panel by sending a text message of *777#. Note that your target won’t see this text.

NOTE: To ensure security, mSpy features bank-grade  encryption on its site. That way, hackers, regardless of their techy know-how, can’t access the data bits you’ve trawled from a target’s Android or iOS device. 

mSpy Compatibility 

mspy compatibility

The compatibility area is one of the most vital sections in most mSpy reviews. Amidst all the long talks, people want to know if the spy app functions on their target’s phones or not. 

Although mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS cell phones, distinct compatibility criteria exist for each type of device.

Let’s examine their distinctions:

Requirements for iOS Devices

Requirements for iOS Devices

For the mSpy application to function well on a target’s device without jailbreak, it must fulfill these conditions:

  • Run on an iOS from iOS 7 upwards
  • Have a good internet connection.

You can choose remote installation if you’ve got your target iPhone’s iCloud credentials. For this to work, the device’s two-factor authorization (2FA) feature must be disabled and iCloud backup enabled.

If 2FA is enabled and iCloud backup is disabled, you’ll have to physically access your target’s device to install the mSpy spy app on their phones.

Requirements for Android Devices

Requirements for Android Devices

For mSpy to run effortlessly on an android smartphone, it must meet the following conditions:

  • The device must be running on an Android device hosting Android 4.0 or higher
  • The target smartphone must have a good Internet connection to enable seamless data trawling

Note that you’ll need to physically handle your target’s Android device, as the “remote install feature” will only work on iOS devices. Also, you may need to root your target’s phone to enjoy the app’s full tracking functions.

NOTE: If you root the target Android cell phone before installing the mSpy app, you’d have access to features not available on non-rooted devices. Notable mentions include keylogger and social media tracking. 

How to Install mSpy on Target Phone – Android

mSpy is a convenient and easy-to-use spy application. Thus, it’s straightforward to install on a target’s device. Here are the steps to follow if you want to install mSpy on your target’s android device: 

Step 1: Purchase a Subscription Plan 

  • Go to the mSpy official website to create an account. Remember to use a valid email address, as you’ll receive the installation instruction via mail.
  • Choose the type of device you want to monitor – Android, in this case.
  • Select a pricing plan. mSpy currently offers three pricing packages: the 1-month plan ($48.99 per month), the 3-month plan ($28.00 per month), and the 12-month plan ($11.67 per month). After selecting the plan that suits your pockets, make the required payment using a medium you’re comfortable with. 
mspy subscription purchase

Upon finalizing your premium plan purchase, mSpy will send you a confirmation email that contains your order details, username, password, and link to your “Control Panel.”

Step 2: Disable Play Protect

To install mSpy on your target’s Android device, you’ll have to disable Play Protect. 

Follow these steps for Play Protect deactivation: 

  • Launch the Play Store app on your target’s phone.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner of the device’s screen
  • Click on “Play Protect” 
  • Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Now, toggle the “scan apps with play protect” option to deactivate it
disable play protect

NOTE: The device has to be connected to the Internet.

Step 3: Download the mSpy Installer

After disabling “Play Protect,” download mSpy’s distinct installer by following these easy steps:

  • Launch the Chrome browser on the target device
  • Copy the link sent to you via mail, paste it on the chrome address bar and click on Go
  • Pass the captcha security check and then click on Download.
  • If a prompt appears at the bottom of the screen, click on Open, then Settings. Afterwards, tap on “allow from this source,” and go back. 
  • Click on ‘Next’ and wait till the installation is co plate before clicking on Open
mspy installation

IMPORTANT: If your target’s Android has an antivirus installed, it may flag mSpy installation as harmful to the device. To proceed from this and conclude the mSpy’s  installer downloading phase, tap on “resolve” and then continue the installation process.

Step 4: Install the mSpy app

After completing all the steps above, it’s finally time to install the mSpy app. 

You can do this by following the steps listed below.

  • Follow all the instructions attached to the welcome email mSpy sent to you. Remember to tap “allow” on all pop-ups to grant permissions required for the mSpy app to work correctly. Notable permissions you’ll encounter during this phase include location, contacts, messages, phone calls, etcetera.
  • Input the registration code you received in the wizard after completing the previous steps.
  • Click on Complete Installation.
mspy installation

Once you complete all these steps, mSpy should install successfully on your target device. Afterwards, it stays hidden to track the tracked user stealthily. How nifty!        

mSpy Installation for iPhone

mSpy has two main installation processes for iPhones — jailbreak and non-jailbreak:

mSpy for iOS Devices Without Jailbreak

If you don’t want to deal with the hoops of jailbreaking a target’s iPhone, you can consider using this method. However, since you won’t be jailbreaking the target’s iPhone, you’ll require their iCloud logins to facilitate the installation.

Do you have to install mSpy on the target phone using this installation alternative? 

No, besides saving you from the stress of jailbreaking the target’s iPhone, this alternative dispels the need to access the device physically. 

mspy installation

However, there’s some unsavory news to note:

Using this method could result in limited features. But if you’d like access to the basics, the non-jailbreak route should tickle your fancy. 

Employ these steps to use mSpy to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking.

  • Get the target device’s iCloud credentials.
  • Create a mSpy account and purchase a subscription plan.
  • Log into your mSpy online dashboard and select “add new device.” Under the device type, select “iPhone without jailbreak.”
  • Insert the target device’s iCloud credentials, and you’ll be able to see all that you want on your target’s phone, especially their social media activities.

NOTICE: For this installation path to work as intended, the iPhone’s backup feature must be active. If it isn’t, you’d need to handle the device to enable it. Executing this process is simple as all you need to do is head to the configuration menu. Here, you’ll know if the backup is turned on or not. If it’s active, go back to backup and click Save Now. Also, ensure the iOS cell phone is fully charged and connected to the internet.

mSpy for iOS Devices With Jailbreak

This method is common and doesn’t pose restrictions on the mSpy features you can use. However, the catch on using this method is that it doesn’t work on all types of iPhones. 

Also, it requires you to access the device physically. 

You can install the mSpy app on an iPhone through the following steps.

  • Jailbreak the target iPhone. You may meet a technician to help you do this if you don’t know how.
  • If your iPhone has been jailbroken, locate and launch the Cydia app. The Cydia app is a way of installing third-party apps on iPhones.
  • Once Cydia opens, select manage, then sources. After, click edit at the top right corner. Now, click on add at the top left corner.
  • Once you’ve done the above step, you’ll see a prompt on your screen telling you to add a URL source. Input the link address sent to you via email when creating your mSpy account. Then, hit add source.
  • The app will then download. Afterward, hit return to Cydia. On Cydia, you’ll see a new app icon named mTechnology repository, select it and tap iPhone internal service. The mTechnology repository is a secret name for the mSpy app.
  • Click on install and confirm the installation. The installation will then begin and last for a few minutes.
  • After the successful installation, you’ll see a prompt asking to restart springboard, click on accept, and the phone will restart.
  • Once the phone restarts and updates, you’ll see the mSpy app icon on the phone. Launch the mSpy app, accept the license agreement and allow the app access to the device’s location.
  • Finally, enter the registration code included in the welcome email sent to you. Restart the phone afterward.

Hiding the Cydia App: Is It Possible?

If the target device wasn’t jailbroken before, it’s a good idea to hide the Cydia application so that you leave no traces behind.

mSpy can also help you do this. 

Here’s how:

  • Go back to the mTechnology repository file and select the option to remove Cydia app. 
  • Follow the subsequent instructions and the Cydia app icon will be hidden. 

NOTE: Besides making the Cydia application invisible, you can go further by removing the “mTecnology” files and clear the browsing history.

mSpy Pricing: How Much Does mSpy Cost? 

mSpy offers a decent range of subscriptions. Available options range from monthly to yearly plans and depend on the target’s device type and whether you’d require a jailbreak version or not (iOS devices).

Below is a table that summarizes mSpy pricing plans:

Package (Android and iOS Devices)Price 
One Month$48.99 per month
Three Months$28.00 per month
Twelve Months$11.67 per month

The mSpy website offers varieties of payment options that you can use to make payments. 

The 1-month plan is a great start for people who want to test the mSpy app and see how it works in real-time. 

NOTE: mSpy has an excellent refund policy. If you’re a new user subscribing to the service, you can request a refund if the application didn’t solve your needs. mSpy only offers refunds to customers that apply for it within 14 days of their initial premium plan payment.

Can I Use mSpy for Free? mSpy Free Trial Hack

mSpy’s developers have invested astromical amounts to provide a top-notch service. So, there’s no way you’ll be using their services for free. 

However, you can engage the application for free or at a discounted for a definite timeline.

First, mSpy offers a 14-day free trial timeline. 

Albeit limited, you can use some major mSpy features for free. 

Furthermore, the application has a 10-day money-back guarantee that lets users try the app’s features for free and get their money back if they aren’t satisfied.

In addition, mSpy has discounts hovering around 90% to 95% during certain holidays. So, while you’ll make a payment, you’d be doling out just a fraction of the value you would’ve paid during regular periods.

Although some users have resorted to downloading the hacked mSpy app online, it’s not a safe option because this format, unlike the original, isn’t regularly updated. 

Thus, it won’t work as intended by the developers.

mSpy Coupon 

Now that you know how excellent the mSpy software is, you’ll love it more because it also allows you to get everything you love about the application for less. 


With coupons!

mspy coupon

Using them, you can get discounts anytime you pay for a subscription package. Click here to access the latest mSpyCoupon offers and deals.

Links to mSpy Social Networks 

As one of the best spy apps on the market, mSpy also has a strong social media presence. You can connect with the service through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to get the latest information and deals.

Best mSpy Alternatives

mSpy is a good app, no doubt. However, if you can’t use mSpy for some reasons like its pricing, you can also opt for the app’s alternatives. In this section of the article, we’ll be looking at the best mSpy alternatives.

They include:


Like mSpy, eyeZy retierates phone tracking excellence. This app designed with numerous features that makes smartphone tracking seamless. With its social spotlight feature, you can monitor the target’s social media acts and view their conversations even if they’re deleted.

The live location tracking eyeZy feature is also worth mentioning. Using this add-on, you can get the precise location of your kids, spouse, or employee in real-time.

eyeZy also has a shielding feature. This function allows the app to work in a secret mode that won’t be visible to your target. 

With other functionalities like web magnifier, keylogger, keystroke capture, magic alerts, etcetera, eyeZy is one of the best alternatives to the mSpy app.


Pumpic is another great alternative to mSpy. This app is specially designed as a parental control application to help parents know what their wards are up to online. Nonetheless, it also ranks as an effective application to track anybody you want. 

Pumpic is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It also hosts many monitoring add-ons you can employ to view a target’s SMS texts, calls, contacts, social media activities, and GPS location

Overall, Pumpic is a good monitoring solution.

What Customers Say About mSpy?

mSpy is highly referred to as one of the best apps. Of course, this fact is just mere fact if there’s no evidence to back it up. 

Here, we’ll examine what patrons are saying about the mSpy app on reputable review sites.

They include:

  • Trustpilot 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

On Trustpilot, mSpy has a consumer rating of 3.6 stars from 3,616 reviews. From this rating, you can see that most customers are satisfied with the app’s services.

  • Sitejabber

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Out of the 1,588 mSpy reviews on Sitejabber, the app came out with a stellar rating of 4.21 stars. 

With a rating this high, mSpy ranks 2nd among the best mobile application websites. Thus, it’s clear that mSpy most customers love and are content with the service’s performance.

  • Reddit Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You’ll most likely find many reviews on Reddit about mSpy. Most of these reviews put mSpy in good books. However, some mSpy reviews on Reddit are also bad. 

Note that many of the bad mSpy app reviews you’ll find on Reddit are from its competitors. Because they can’t trump mSpy’s impecabble service, they try to mislead people into believing mSpy is a bad application and by so doing presenting their products.

Regardless, mSpy is still doing its thing, ranking as the “top choice” in over 180 jurisdictions. Levels!

How We Tested mSpy

In recent years, our team of “tech experts” has been dedicated to reviewing various spywares to find out the best ones that work and the ones that are just a waste of money. 

During this timeline, we’ve encountered various apps, tested them and made verdicts. 

However, after making the mSpy app undergo a series of tests for days and validating its stability, reliability, ease of use, features, speed and general performance, we’ve come to a conclusion it’s one of the best spying services that offer excellent value for your money.


Is mSpy Trustworthy?

mSpy has quickly grown to be one of the most famous spy app on the planet. Not only has this app proven to be trustworthy on many occasions, but it also provides users with an analysis of the target’s phone’s activities.

Is mSpy Safe?

The short answer is yes! 
After the series of tests conducted in this review, we’ve concluded that mSpy is one of the safest spying apps on the market.

Can mSpy Be Detected? 

One of mSpy’s finest qualities is its ability to operate stealthily. The app employs various tactics like hiding under a generic naming within the phone’s system file, and its application icon disappearing from the device’s list of installed apps to ensure invisibility.
Before the application can be detected on a device, the person has to be tech-savvy or have installed a great antivirus on their device.

Is mSpy Legit?

Of course! Many users who were skeptical about using the app initially loved the app when they did. With tons of reviews from reputable sites, the mSpy application is all shades of legitimate.

How Many Phones Can You Monitor With mSpy?

You can only monitor one device at a time with mSpy. However, you can change the device being monitored when you need to monitor a new device.


We’ve reached the end of this review. We hope that by now, you’ll have no doubt that mSpy is the ideal app to help you conduct all your phone spying activities. 

Modern features, ease of use, responsive support, and competitive subscriptions are some of the reasons why mSpy ranks as the best spying app on the market. Take Advantage of the mSpy free trial period to check things out for yourself.