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Inventory Management

Manage your inventory from end to end - receive the products you ordered from your vendor, perform inventory count to fix inventory issues, and ship only available products to your customers with accurate inventory management. Read more...

Barcode Printing & Scanning

For simple, error free order fulfillment, Delivrd relies heavily on barcode printing and scanning. Label each product with it's SKU with our support for barcode label printers or regular inkjet printers, and later scan the barcodes to avoid costly shipping mistakes.

Profit & Loss

Since Delivrd supports the entire order fulfillment process - from sourcing to shipping, you can get a clear answer to the most important question you ask yourself - which products are profitable, and which are not. Taking account shipping costs and packaging material costs, Profit & Loss Analysis is one of the most powerful features of Delivrd.

3rd Party Integration

With a built-in Shopify and WooCommerce order import tool, you can easily fulfill your orders from Delivrd. Need to fulfill orders from other sales channels? No problem. You can import orders from any source using our CSV file import tool.

Pick, Pack & Ship

One of the unique features of Delivrd is its innovative pick, pack & ship support. Join your unfulfilled orders into pick waves, easily pick all wave products, pack your orders using barcode-scanning only screen for error free order fulfillment. Then confidently ship the products using shipping label produces by Delivrd. The Pick,Pack & Ship processes with save you hours of manual labor and reduce shipping mistakes to minimum. Read more...


This feature is the one you will like most - Delivrd is free to use, by anyone, of any size!. You can just register and start using some of Delivrd's great features, for free!

What is Delivrd?

Delivrd inventory management software is a free cloud solution designed to cover the inventory management and order fulfillment of everyone –  online retailers, from small eBay or Shopify sellers, to large E-commerce site operators, to anyone who keeps inventory of products.  Delivrd covers every single detail of the order fulfillment process,  for a fast and hassle-free experience, from sourcing products, to inventory management, to picking, packing and shipping.


Pricing Plans

Basic Inventory Management
Single inventory location
Single user
Create product catalog, up to 10 products
Count, receive and issue stock
Low stock level alerts
Inventory transactions history
Email support
Advanced Inventory & Order Management
5 inventory locations
Up to 100 products
Count, receive,issue and transfer stock
Low stock level alerts
Serial number management
Inventory transactions history
Purchase orders management
Sales orders management
Email support
Custom Plan
Custom number of inventory locations
Custom number of products
End to end process support
Custom training to meet your company's needs.
Implementation services - get your business on Delivrd in no time.