The Best Apps To Track Child’s Phone 2024 Edition

Parents are searching for tools that will allow them to monitor their children’s phones for free, and it has been seen all around the world. There are several reasons behind this. 

Children nowadays are very advanced, and they’re almost always online doing something or other. They interact with others, converse with them, and make new acquaintances while also attracting concerns. There have been several incidents of children being mentally tortured and harassed over the internet. They may be exposed to adult material that is not suitable for youngsters. Even those who try to influence others’ thoughts on their own behalf exist. That is why monitoring your children is such an important decision. You must realize that they need privacy, but keeping an eye on them does not infringe on their right to privacy. Instead of discussing issues with them, if you can keep track of them in secret mode, it may be a much more successful approach.

This is why there are so many apps to track a child’s phone.

Here are our top ten Kids Tracker Apps for 2024, with a variety of alternatives available to you.


eyeZy app

eyeZy is a kid-tracking software that connects parents and children. When you install the eyeZy tool on the target device, its position is immediately transmitted to you. It’s available at a reasonable price for both Android and iOS users. It has a lot of functions that allow parents to keep track of their children’s movements. 


  • Map location: You may use the device’s real-time location with its map location feature. It has several built-in features that can tell you about your kid’s previous locations.
  • Keystroke Capture: You can see every keystroke so you can be sure that the conversations they’re having are secure.
  • Social Media Tracking: You can see their private text conversations, including chats they’ve previously deleted. You may also access messages on popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Kik, Tinder, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and others. You may also record their screen.
  • Call Monitoring: You can also see who they spoke with, who called them, how long they talked, and more.



mSpy is a parental monitoring software that may be used to track kids’ location. It’s primarily made for Android and iOS devices. To track the position of an Android device, install this app on it. There are no applications required for iPhone users. This software may be used as a spying device, and it does not limit itself to such features for iPhone tracking. You can access photos, videos, text SMS, and other apps on the target phone using this tool. 


  • GPS Location: You may monitor the real-time location of the targeted smartphone with its GPS tracking function.
  • Keylogger: The majority of tracking tools do not include Keylogger capabilities. Keylogger operates in the background and records every character typed on the targeted device by the user. This can also be used as a password cracking tool, since it is silent in the background.
  • Geofencing: When a child enters or departs a designated safe area, receive notifications in realtime.


spybubble app

SpyBubble is a parent tracking app that keeps children safe from harmful internet dangers. It’s primarily intended to keep track of and manage your child’s device. This strong software is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • Protect kids from adult content: It’s especially useful for parents who want to ensure that their children aren’t exposed to inappropriate material, since it prevents it. In addition, SpyBubble blocks adult content in private browsing mode.
  • Location tracking: With its location tracking function, you may keep an eye on the position of your youngster when they are away from home.



Life360 is a location-finding application for families. It allows parents to discover the position of their children by providing real-time information. It’s made specifically for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices.


  • Geofencing: With Geofencing, you’ll be alerted when your kid enters or leaves the designated zone on the map.
  • Send message together: When you’re in a bind, you may send out a distress signal with your location.



Cell phone tracking software such as WebWatcher is one of the most popular and effective cell phone monitoring tools for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. You may use this functionality for tracking your teenager’s actual location.


  • Browser history tracking
  • SMS and MMS text
  • Real-time location

Find My Kids

find my kids

Find My Kids is a real-time location software for parents that allows them to keep track of their children’s movements. It’s designed for Android smartphones. Simply put, the program on the target device.


  • You may use Geofencing to get an alert when the targeted device leaves its normal range.
  • GPS location tracking
google family link

This is a free service that lets parents monitor and control their kids’ use of the Android devices. The software will offer an admin console to establish rules and settings on how kids can operate their phones. In addition, you may also track device location using Google Family Link.


  • Real-time location
  • Geofencing
  • Screen Time Limit
  • Manage Kids Apps



A monitoring software called Qustodio is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms. It contains several tools that let you keep track of your child’s real-time location while also preventing them from dangerous dangers.


  • Manage Call logs
  • Read Emails of Target Device
  • Track Real-time GPS location
  • Track Text SMS



Hoverwatch is a fantastic kid tracker tool for keeping track of the location of any smartphone. It also allows you to access other information, such as phone calls, internet history, and more.


  • GPS location tracking
  • Access call history
  • Check web browser history
  • Read texts



Another cell phone surveillance program for Android and iOS is Mobilespy. It’s designed with a variety of functions that allow spying to be more pleasant and easier.


  • Live Control Panel
  • Real-time GPS Location
  • Geofencing

The Most Effective of These Applications


You can find that mSpy is far ahead of the competition when you evaluate all of these free applications that may help you monitor your child’s phone. mSpy not only performs well, but it is also simple to set up, allows you to manage your children with ease, and is worth every penny. The most significant detail is that you can track IOS, Android devices, and any other type of smartphone. That may be why mSpy performs so well.

mSpy has several additional features:

  • Every single call that your targeted phone receives may be recorded.
  • You can keep track of every text message, IM messages, and social media conversations in real time, as well as the attachments sent during the chats.
  • It also has a great GPS locator, which gives you real-time tracking capabilities.
  • You can use a keylogger to see what passwords people use, and you may be able to access those folders later and examine the contents. You may also save phone calls, access call lists and contact information, and even take notes.
  • You can also make a secret call to learn more about your youngster’s environment while remaining undetectable.