Best 6 Telegram Tracking Apps

Telegram is one of the most popular IM applications in the world with 700 million monthly users. The app is a favorite among its customer base for several reasons, including its privacy and encryption features. 

One notable Telegram feature is Secret Chats. Secret Chats enable Telegram users to keep conversations on the messaging application from third parties, including Telegram itself, internet providers, or anyone who tries to access their device. 

While it’s a helpful capability for privacy, it opens the door for users to engage in illicit activities without getting caught. For example, your child could use Telegram’s Secret Chats to hide harmful conversations and activities from you. Your spouse could also foster an affair and keep it from you using this feature. 

If your loved ones are into inappropriate activities on Telegram, how would you know when their chats are private? 

Here’s where Telegram tracker apps come in. 

In this article, we’ll show you the best spy apps to hack a Telegram profile and read conversations, regardless of whether they’re in Secret Chat mode or not. 

Curious to find out how to track someone on Telegram? Let’s dive in! 

4 Ways How to Track Someone on Telegram

Telegram tracking may seem impossible because of the Secret Chat feature. However, you can bypass the private conversations compatibility and still read your daughter’s texts. 

Here are the top 4 ways to spy on Telegram texts:

Use Telegram Tracking Apps to See Someone’s Telegram Messages

Spy apps are the ultimate mobile surveillance solution to monitor Telegram texts on any device without getting caught. Wondering how to track Telegram messages when you don’t have direct access to a smartphone? 

With a smartphone spy app installed on your child’s phone, you can have their texts sent directly to your phone in real-time and without them knowing. 

Does your son have the Secret Chat feature enabled? That won’t stop you from monitoring his texts. Top-tier spyware can bypass this Telegram feature to access all your son’s private conversations. 

Is he skipping school to hang out with the wrong crowd or exchanging sexually inappropriate messages with strangers? He can no longer hide these activities from you once you download a spy app on his iPhone. 

What’s more? 

Telegram spy apps display timestamps and profile photographs so you can know when the message was sent and to who. Why sneak through your lover’s device when they’re not looking when you can comfortably read their texts from your smartphone or PC? 

Track Online Activity Using Telegram Last Seen Tracker 

Besides secret tracking apps, you can also leverage Telegram’s Last Seen trackers to monitor your child or wife’s Telegram activities, such as the last time they came online and the number of hours they spend on the app. 

Worried about your ward’s social media use? You can leverage these applications to keep an eye on how often they come online and restrict their mobile usage when necessary. 

Has your husband turned off his last seen on Telegram to prevent you from finding out when he’s active on the app? Telegram’s Last Seen trackers are the perfect solution to keep an eye on his shady activities. 

You don’t need to wonder about how to see the last seen on Telegram if it’s hidden; your loved ones can no longer escape your watchful eyes. 

DID YOU KNOW: Telegram is one of the most popular cheating apps for unfaithful partners. Has your wife been unusually glued to her phone lately and regularly smiling at her texts? A top-tier Telegram online tracker could just be what you need to find out if she has met someone new. 

Find Someone’s IP Address on Telegram

You can track a Telegram user using their IP address. If you’re suspicious of your son’s recent sleepovers or worried that your husband is lying about his work trips, IP address trackers, such as Telegram IP Grabber, can help you monitor your child or spouse to determine if they lied about their whereabouts. 

Use Telegram’s “People Nearby” Feature

You can also leverage Telegram’s “People Nearby” feature to monitor someone’s location. If the Telegram user activates this option, you can triangulate them or use GPS spoofers to see their actual whereabouts. 

Top 6 Telegram Tracking Apps

Telegram spy apps aren’t in short supply. However, the available options vary in quality, device compatibility, and pricing. 

Here are our top six apps to hack a Telegram account: 

  1. mSpy 
mspy texts

Telegram might be one of the world’s most secure IM apps, but its encryption features are no match for mSpy

mSpy provides complete access to conversations on a Telegram account, including the profile picture of the person they’re texting and chat timestamps. 

What if the user hides the chat using Telegram’s Secret Chat capability? You’ll still see it regardless. Even texts across other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, WhatsApp, and Instagram won’t sneak beyond your reach. 

The best part? 

mSpy currently offers a 30% discount meaning you can purchase the app for as little as $48.99 for one month or $28.00 per month for three months. 

DID YOU KNOW: 20-33% of internet users go online for sexual-related purposes and a large chunk of this number are educated married men. If your significant other’s online activity has gotten you suspicious lately, mSpy might be the only way to find out the truth about their faithfulness. 

  1. eyeZy

eyeZy is another top-drawer spy app that provides comprehensive details of all Telegram conversations, including hidden messages. You can view photographs of chat recipients alongside timestamps and dates of texts with eyeZy. 

What if the evidence you’re looking for isn’t on Telegram? Well, you can still hack your son’s Facebook, iMessage, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and KiK accounts to see what they’ve been up to on those platforms. 

Plus, you also have access to their web browser history to discover if they’ve been accessing harmful websites or consuming sexually inappropriate content. eyeZy is an all-in-one mobile phone hack solution for any situation! 

  1. MobiPast

MobiPast provides reliable mobile surveillance services similar to mSpy. The app offers 30+ tracking features, including a Telegram text hacker alongside access to other IM apps. Since it’s a similar tracking software to mSpy, you’d be better off getting the mSpy app instead. 

  1. Ogymogy 
ogymogy app

Ogymogy is a Telegram spy app compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac devices. The app allows you to view conversations on Telegram (including secret chats), video/voice call logs, and photos and videos shared on the platform. 

Ogymogy is the perfect Telegram tracking app to help you keep an eye on your child’s social media activity. Do you suspect they’re having inappropriate conversations online? You can hack their Telegram account to confirm your suspicions. 

How about their friends? Are you worried that they’re hanging with the wrong gang? You can gain access to their Telegram or WhatsApp chats using Ogymogy to discover what they talk about with their friends. 

Rather than leave your kids to their peers’ whims, you can keep them safe with a parental control spy app all on their devices. 

  1. TeleWatch 
telewatch app

TeleWatch works differently from the aforementioned spy apps. 

This Telegram tracking service doesn’t give you access to Telegram conversations. Rather, it lets you monitor online activity, including hours spent online, last seen, and username/profile photograph changes. 

If you worry about how often your children spend online, the TeleWatch app can help you monitor them and regulate their online presence when necessary. 

If your child is using a different identity on Telegram to prevent your tracking endeavors, the username/profile change feature will ensure they don’t get away with this behavior. 

You can even enable in-app notifications to get real-time alerts whenever they come online or make any changes to their accounts. 

  1. Last Seen Telegram
last seen telegram

Last Seen Telegram is similar to TeleWatch. You can use the app to monitor your children’s online activity to ensure they’re not spending too much time texting on Telegram. 

Last Seen Telegram lets you monitor multiple Telegram contacts simultaneously. Furthermore, you can enable notifications to receive real-time updates of your child’s online status or profile changes. 

Top 3 Telegram Spy Apps Ranking – From Best to Worst

Price FeaturesDevices SupportRating
mSpy$48.99 per monthTelegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, iPhone/Android Keylogger, GPS Tracker, Geofencing, SMS, Phone CallsAndroid, iOS, Live Chat, Phone, Email⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
eyeZy$47.99 per monthSocial Spotlight, Web Magnifier, Keystroke Capture, Magic Alerts, Pinpoint, Phone Analyzer, Connection Blocker Android, iOSLive Chat, Phone, Email⭐⭐⭐⭐
MobiPast$48.99 per monthTelegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitch, Tinder, Messages, Contacts, CallsAndroid, iOSN/A⭐⭐⭐

How to Track Someone’s Telegram Messages Without Target Phone

Tracking Telegram might seem challenging because of the application’s encryption features. Nonetheless, you can view everything on your hubby’s Telegram account with a spy app. 

If you’ve been wondering, “can Telegram be traced?” here’s a step-by-step guide to hacking Telegram using mSpy: 

Step 1: Purchase a Subscription

Visit the mSpy website, and click on Try Now. Select the device you want to monitor (Android/iOS) and your chosen subscription. mSpy has cost-effective 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month payment packages. 

Step 2: Receive an Email With Installation Instructions to Help You Get Started

After processing your payment plan, mSpy will send you an email with setup instructions. Follow the guide to install the app on your wife or child’s phone. 

Step 3: Track Telegram

Once you’ve installed the app on the target device, you can monitor the target’s Telegram chats on your mSpy dashboard on any smartphone or PC. 


Telegram is a secure IM app with encryption features that guarantee user privacy. However, users often take advantage of the app’s safety capabilities to engage in illicit activities and conversations. 

Kids may hide sexually-themed chats with strangers or their peers from their parents using Telegram’s Secret Chat. Conversely, your spouse may use the feature to foster an affair and keep it from you. 

If you’ve been looking for how to track a telegram user to prevent any of these scenarios, we’ve detailed the top spy apps you can use for a Telegram hack. While they’re all top-tier surveillance solutions, your preferred option depends on your needs and budget.