What to Look for When Snooping Through a Phone?

Many relationship guides say that uncovering a cheater became easier: “Just grab their phone!”.

Some posts even tell you how to go through someone’s phone in the most discreet way possible. And that works.

But very few articles explain what to do once you get into that phone. It’s like walking into a posh boutique without knowing what to look for. So many apps, emails, texts – where to even start?

Relax, we’ve got your back! This post is a game plan to unravel all your partner’s sneaky digital footprints. Forget wasting time on random apps and texts.

We’ll laser-focus on activities that matter. Ready to catch them red-handed? Let’s start digging!

What to Look for When Going Through Your Partner’s Phone

We get it: you’re here because you’re suspicious and need answers. But hold up – the stakes are too high. You risk getting too engrossed in snooping through partners phone if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Imagine if he suddenly walks into you scrolling through their texts. What’s coming next? Big “Ooops,” to say the least. Or what if you stumble on a shady-looking message that is totally innocent?

What we’re trying to say is that exposing a cheater requires strategy, not speed. You’re solving a puzzle – carefully collect each clue until the full picture clicks.

Below is the list of the checkpoints you should go through when snooping through his phone.

His Location

When you think aboutthings to check on boyfriend’s iPhone, what comes to mind first? Texts? Pics? Well, these are good starting points. But there’s even more telling evidence you need to check first – his location history.

If your boyfriend goes out with somebody else, he certainly doesn’t tell anyone about this. But his phone captures it all. Thus, you can find out where he has been by checking his Google Maps history.

This tool works even if your bf travels by car most of the day. Google Maps records his stops with arrival and departure times, addresses, and coordinates, you get the idea.

And don’t forget about other apps to look for on boyfriend’s phone, especially ride-sharing apps like Uber. The “Activity” feature is a dead giveaway because it shows all the trips he took.

Important: If you can’t find any location history records on your partner’s phone, they might have turned the “Location services and GPS” feature off.


Calling is so 2009. These days, people prefer texting, as YouGov says. Chances are, your boyfriend is texting back and forth, too, so his chat history should be at the top of your ‘what to check on his phone’ list.”

Once you take hold of his phone, don’t just skim through the texts and contacts. If he’s sneaky enough, he has most probably saved another girl’s number under a different name. Keep an eye out for any random codes, nicknames, or emojis he may be using.

The real giveaway is any late-night conversation that seems flirtatious. If his thread is full of “You up?” texts after midnight, he’s not hitting up friends for a gaming sesh. You know what we mean.

Suspicious Apps

Haven’t found any suspicious texts while snooping through boyfriends phone? Don’t breathe that sigh of relief just yet! There are a couple more places where your man could hide his secrets.

First, go to his Settings and select Screen Time if he uses an iPhone. On Android devices, this feature is called “Digital Wellbeing”. Once you get there, you’ll see the apps he uses the most often.

Dating apps? Without a doubt, that’s a massive red flag. Calculator that takes up a lot of space? This one could be a secret messenger for cheating. You can find many similar apps that look like calculators, games, galleries, etc. Cheating apps can’t be launched like regular messengers unless you type in a PIN code.

Now, you might think, “Should I check my boyfriend’s phone if it might have so many apps I can’t log into?” Yes! Even such innocent platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat have a “secret chat” feature. You should definitely go through these texts.

Social Media Activity

This one is a bit easier because you can comb through all his social media profiles from the comfort of your own device. But if you have access to his phone, that’s a big plus.

So, how to snoop on your boyfriend phone? Just go full FBI mode and check his photos, recently added accounts, shares, comments from him or about him, likes – everything he hasn’t hidden with privacy settings.

Who knows, you might hit the jackpot and find group selfies geotagged at strange locations or comments on other girls’ pics. That’s what they call “indisputable evidence”

Important: If you haven’t spotted any clues that he’s cheating online, ask your friend to follow your bf, create a fake account, or use a special app to see what’s going on his Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram page.

Deleted Content

When you delete something from your phone, it doesn’t vanish into the air. All the files and texts go to the Bin or remain on the drive. Got the idea? Great. Now that you know what to look for when going through boyfriend’s phone, let’s talk about where exactly you need to look:

  • Deleted SMS. If your bf uses iMessages, recently deleted texts are found in the “Deleted Messages” folder. If he uses Samsung or other devices running a custom Android version, his messenger has a bin. Finally, you can find deleted files in his Google Drive if he sends texts via Google Messages.
  • Deleted photos and videos. On iOS devices, deleted photos can be found in the “Recently Deleted” album. Deleted photos and videos on Android can be found in the Library Trash.

When it comes to social media apps, things get a bit tricky. For example, Snapchat automatically deletes messages and photos after they have been viewed, while Instagram shoots chat history to the user’s email.

Browsing History

The next point on our “what to look for on his phone” list is browsing history. That’s not because of adult movies he might be secretly watching (we all are guilty of looking at some things we shouldn’t). His browsing history might contain:

  • URLs of dating websites he visits with timestamps.
  • Saved logins and passwords.
  • Suspicious search queries, such as “how to hide cheating”
  • Items he added to his shopping cart but didn’t buy (gifts for someone else?)
  • Booked hotel reservations or flights.
  • Downloaded files he hasn’t told you about, such as tickets to a romantic getaway for two.
Tip: if he uses private browsing mode, you can’t see his history. But if he has installed Chrome on his phone, you can switch to Incognito mode and see tabs he hasn’t closed.

Call History

There’s nothing wrong with receiving late-night calls from friends or mom if this happens occasionally. However, it’s a red flag if he often receives calls from somebody without telling you who’s on the other end.

The same goes for sudden routine changes. If he goes out to fix his car around certain hours in the evening, he might be talking to someone else during that time. If that rings true, you know now what to check boyfriend’s phone: call logs.

Here’s another thing to remember: don’t try to find contact names using heart emojis or pet names. Instead, jot down the numbers he contacts often and then use Detectico or a similar service. This website can help you find the real name associated with a phone number.

How to Go Through Someone’s Phone Using Spy Apps:

Go Through Someone's Phone Using Spy Apps

Unfortunately, your boyfriend’s phone is not an open book. You can’t just unlock it and find cheating evidence with one tap. If he’s really up to something, he’s doing everything to hide it from you. We’re talking about passcodes, hidden folders, and secret apps.

So, is there a way to spy your significant other if he has enabled all the security features on his phone? Sure! You need an advanced spy app for that.

What is a spy app? Simply put, it’s a tool that secretly records your boyfriend’s phone activities and sends info to your online Control Panel. You can access it from any browser to check his real-time location, chats, calls, and all the things we’ve talked about earlier.

Are spy apps hard to install and use? Not at all. We’ll explain the process using mSpy, a popular spy app, as an example. Here’s your 4-step guide on how to go through your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing:

  • Step 1: Create Your Account. It takes just a few minutes to register your account at mspy.com.
  • Step 2: Pick Your Plan. Choose the plan that fits your needs.
  • Step 3: Set It Up. Check your mailbox for a welcome email. It contains an installation link and detailed instructions. Follow them to get mSpy up and running.
  • Step 4: Spy Your Significant Other. Once you’re done, log into your Control Panel. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see various data types, such as call logs, text messages, browsing history, etc. Click on the one you want to view.

Best Spy Apps for Snooping Through Partner’s Phone

If you’re new to spy tools, you might be surprised at how many apps are out there. The market is booming with options! We’ve tested the best apps for your tracking needs to save you time and energy. Let’s check them out!



Spynger is a powerful spy app that has all the features one could only dream of! The biggest USP (unique selling point) of Spynger is a keylogger, a tool for recording your boyfriend’s keystrokes.

The beauty of a keylogger is that it records all passwords, chats, notes, browsing history, calendar entries, and other user activities – all in one shot! You no longer have to wonder, “What to check on boyfriend’s phone if he deletes everything?” Keylogger captures it all before your bf hits that “Delete” button.

Best of all, Spynger comes with a GPS tracking feature. It lets you find out where your boyfriend is at any time of the day or night, so he can’t gaslight you with lies. The combination of the keylogger and GPS tracker sounds like a great formula, what do you think?

Spynger Pros

  • Runs invisibly on your bf’s device
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • Lets you track real-time location on an interactive map
  • Shows deleted messages, browsing history, and passwords.

Spynger Cons

  • Doesn’t block applications



mSpy is like Apple in the world of phone monitoring apps. That’s why we’ve used it as an example in our guide on how to look through someones phone.

It is reliable, innovative, and feature-rich, offering over 36 different tools wrapped into an intuitive user interface. Once installed, mSpy gets into every corner of your boyfriend’s phone. He won’t be able to keep his indiscretions hidden.

We’re talking full access to his texts, pics, emails, call logs, web history, and GPS locations. With mSpy, you can keep tabs on all of these activities in real time – just as if you were looking over his shoulder.

The cherry on top? Your boyfriend will have no clue you’ve installed mSpy on his phone. mSpy runs silently in the background, leaving no traces of its presence.

mSpy Pros

  • Rich feature set for Android and iOS devices
  • Stealth mode for covert monitoring
  • Accurate GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Full access to the phone’s storage

mSpy Cons

  • You can’t track multiple devices

Signs Someone Is Hiding Something on Their Phone

It’s ok to feel uneasy about snooping through boyfriends phone. Even if your gut feeling screams, “He’s up to something!” you have a tiny hope that he’s innocent in the back of your mind. And you might be right.

That said, it’s possible to draw the line between phone addiction and cheating behavior. Below are the red flags to watch out for:

  • He doesn’t leave his phone around you and never lets it go for a second.
  • He always has a bunch of unread messages popping on his screen.
  • He receives phone calls or texts at odd hours of the night.
  • He’s enabled “Privacy blur” on his phone, so you can’t read his notifications.
  • His phone is almost always on silent, even when he’s not at work or sleeping.
  • He becomes moody, defensive, or angry when you bring up your concerns about his phone usage.


If you’re tired of doubts and suspicions, take our list of what to look for when going through boyfriend’s phone as your game plan. You need to check lots of things to get a clear picture of his activities: call logs, locations, browsing history, apps, and social media chats.

If that sounds too much for you or you’re afraid of getting caught, use a spy app to get his personal info secretly. The most advanced apps, such as mSpy and Spynger, store data in one place – your personal account. From here, you can monitor his social media, locations, browsing history, and app usage, so take your risk-free chance to get everything in one shot!